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12 great ideas for a new faucet in the kitchen

Small items often have a powerful effect – renew the faucet and give your kitchen a modern and stylish look

Every housewife knows exactly how much time she spends every day in front of the sink in the kitchen. This is actually an important point of work, but it can also be one of the most stylish. On the sink, in principle, in every kitchen traded much, so it is worthwhile to make small changes there from time to time and renew the kitchen look or even bring it to a higher level. To help you with this project, we have selected 12 great ideas for you and prepared interesting pictures in our gallery. All we can say is that it really pays to invest in a beautiful faucet! It has practical and aesthetic functions: with a new tap, you can make dish-washing easier and faster, and introduce a stylish touch to your kitchen. In our gallery, choose the best design for you from the 12 kitchen design ideas and act immediately! Replace the old chrome faucet with a new one made of modern material! Have fun browsing we wish you!

A black faucet can look so elegant and be a perfect part of the kitchen design

A black faucet creates a fresh feeling in this country house kitchen and brings a modern touch into the room. Its matte finish keeps it from looking too stiff or tough. The color of the faucet matches the dark tones of the wall lights and chairs, creating visual harmony in the room.

Modern faucet with a slight golden shimmer adds a chic touch to this white kitchen

A modern faucet with a slight golden shimmer is in visual harmony with the kitchen appliances and adds some warmth to this totally white kitchen.

The modern water tap fits very well in this industrial style kitchen

A new and stylish faucet can be well-written into any kitchen design. Also in a minimalist kitchen or in an industrial style. It fits everywhere, where one stands on clean and simple lines in the kitchen design.

An industrial touch is introduced here by the copper faucet

This copper faucet brings an industrial touch to the modern kitchen and makes a good figure there. His appearance only gets better with the years.

Two separate taps, one for hot and one for cold water, create a British mood in every kitchen.

Again a golden faucet feels particularly desirable here and fits perfectly with the country house design of this cozy kitchen.

Clean shapes and straight lines characterize this appealing Scandinavian kitchen design, where the brass taps elegantly fit

These two separate faucets for hot and cold water are completely in the minimalist designed Scandinavian cuisine and look very harmonious. Outdated brass fittings appear luxurious, in our case, the faucets are in visual harmony with the worktop and together create a consistent image in the kitchen.

Sometimes you need two sinks and four faucets!

Two sinks, four faucets! They all shimmer in gold and set the contrast to the white kitchen back wall and gray wall. The bold metal will develop a beautiful stainless steel over time, giving the room even more charm.

The blue faucet is the undisputed eye-catcher in this chic kitchen!

If you want more color in the kitchen interior, this idea is for you! This blue faucet does the trick! A bold blue faucet is an unexpected addition to the elegantly appointed kitchen, adding a nice color accent to this modern kitchen design.

A gooseneck faucet immediately stands out in this white kitchen design

Interesting idea, perfect execution! A gooseneck faucet fits elegantly into the sublime design, its golden shimmer stands out in the white environment and immediately attracts everyone’s attention.

A brass faucet is the best choice for this kitchen!

This brass faucet looks to be the right place in this traditional kitchen. The white sink and the tiny size of the faucet keep the sink away from being noticeable throughout the kitchen.

A collapsible kitchen faucet looks very modern, although this chic look is tempered by the antique brass finish.

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