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14 creative deco ideas as you invite the spring to the garden party

Spring is here and that’s what your eyes and soul are looking forward to. The weather is getting better, the sun is shining more often and we have better mood. In addition, in this beautiful weather, we are increasingly drawn outside. In order to make you feel more comfortable and comfortable in your outdoor area, in the patio, garden or on the sun terrace, we would like to present to you today 14 creative deco ideas on how to invite spring directly into your own four walls. They are all easy to imitate and require neither much effort nor much money.
In addition, these arrangements look so refreshing that you want to get down to work right away. Do we want to bet?

Small bird’s nest between the beautiful spring flowers is an undisputed highlight on the dining table

Would you like to have a great highlight on the dining table? Whether inside the house or outside in the garden, every table is a real eye-catcher with this little bird’s nest between these beautiful spring flowers. The light yellow pansies are a perfect match for this arrangement.

Cupcakes shaped like beautiful flowers decorate your party table

These beautiful roses, zinnias and hydrangeas are made so beautiful with food colors. A good recipe, the exact ingredients and some hand skills – that’s all you need!

Creatively designed place cards combined with a bouquet of flowers

There are thousands of design patterns on how to work out the place cards for your next spring party. We have a particularly striking one that your guests would certainly like. Write their names on nice cards and put them in front of a vase with wonderfully fragrant early bloomers, for example tulips, lilac or ranunculus.

Soft drinks are a must at every party!

Fruity Aguas Freascas – This popular Mexican drink is delicious and incredibly refreshing. Try offering your party guests a variety of flavor combinations, such as strawberry watermelon, pineapple vanilla or cucumber mint. Your guests will surely be pleasantly surprised and content with these elegantly mixed drinks.

Elegant cupboards immediately attract everyone’s attention and set your coffee or tea service in scene!

A perfect spring deco idea with DIY touches

Give a second chance to an old wooden toolbox and turn it into a beautiful flower basket! Arrange flowers within a wooden toolbox for a rural flair on your garden table. Each of your guests will welcome this idea and admire it! Or maybe be jealous of your ingenuity ?!

Mason jars full of beautiful flowers decorated with lace ribbon

The natural beauty and flowers of the tulips and roses are indescribably large, so these spring flowers look adorable even in simple jars and decorate your garden table!

Arrange tasty drinks and glasses and have fun at the garden party!

Everyone can be thirsty during a garden party. Arrange delicious drinks and glasses on a side table and let all the guests enjoy themselves!

The flower cage gets new function!

A birdcage can be easily converted, but it could be used to accommodate a spring flower bouquet. You can hang it outside on a tree or a wall or place it directly on the dining table as a centerpiece.
Picture 10: Awakening old, at first sight useless glasses to a new life
Title: Deco ideas spring party old glasses new features

To awaken old, at first sight useless glasses to a new life

Each one of us has a lot of glasses at home that can not be used at first glance. That’s not quite true! Because you can easily make lanterns, garden lanterns and much more for your garden party decoration!

Delicious snacks and finger food are also part of the garden party menu!

For a great party in the close family and circle of friends, you still need classic sandwiches, snacks and finger food, all of which are sure to be on the fast track!

A mini cherry cheese cake for all sweet toothed cats

Delicious desserts and various sweets can never be enough at a garden party in the spring! Our tip is: prepare many such mini cherry cheesecake and enjoy your friends!

The garden theme is currently very up to date!

Keep the garden theme in line with the selected desserts and create a plant-inspired buffet.

It was so nice to have you with me!

At the end of the party comes the farewell! Say goodbye to your guests with a nice touch for the way home! For a long time, this party will be associated with sweet pleasures and tender memories.

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