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15 interesting table decoration ideas to imitate

Spring is already here and everywhere there is a cheerful mood the streets are not as deserted as in winter, parks and gardens wear their green robe and the first flowers, shrubs and trees are blooming. With the spring comes a big family party, which is celebrated all over the world the Easter holiday is already at the door. It is a great time to celebrate this celebration together with family and friends. So that we can help you with your preparation of Easter preparations, today we have selected great decoration ideas for you and would like to introduce you to them. Make the right note for your Easter and transform it into an unforgettable experience with our 15 interesting ones Table top ideas to imitate !

Invite nature to your home with matching table decoration!

Naturinspirierte table decoration

Do you know what exactly spring on the Easter dinner table reflects? You guessed it is the table decoration that best represents or is inspired by nature. Our tip is: Bring any nature-inspired decorative elements on the Easter table and create a true spring mood! Get your serving set out of the cupboard, yes, with spring-like decoration! Make a wreath out of hollow egg shells yourself and hang it up! And the heart of the banquet table can be a fruit bowl, decorated thematically for Easter, with a rabbit on artificial grass, ants and eggs. That’s so cute and eyecatching! The green grass panel corresponds perfectly with the green pears in the cups and the tall houseplants. At every step you can feel the breath of nature!

Use friendly colors and patterns in the table decoration! The dot pattern in orange-white makes this festive look!

Easter comes with a colorful color palette, also in the table decoration. Use the typical easter symbols of rabbits, carrots, eggs, tulips in friendly colors. Orange, yellow, white and a little green, this color combination is always appropriate. See in the photo how you can achieve a wonderful mix of these colors and cheerful patterns, so that your table decoration conjures a smile on the faces of all guests.

This masterfully decorated table outside welcomes all guests!

At Easter, hopefully sunny weather is out, so you can decorate a table in the garden to match the feast. This one in the photo above is executed in soft colors light blue, light green and pale yellow and deserves a lot of attention.

Delicious dessert or table decoration?

This is a great idea for a delicious dessert for Easter. Beautiful martini glasses are filled with crumbled carrot cake. To make the dessert tempting, it is further decorated, with creamy cheese frosting. To top off the interesting look, use orange and green ice cream to create a carrot shape. Add an orange ribbon around the base of the glass to enhance the color effect. Serve the fancy dessert on white plates for a real WOW effect.

Rural charm is combined with a dose of modernity

For many people, the country style is the popular style, because it retains the charm of bygone times and always radiates a lot of warmth. This table decoration idea is just such a white with a lot of rustic elements and in the warm tones broken white, green executed in its numerous nuances and browns it reflects the rural charm.

Mix and compare patterns and colors

Of course, if you want a whimsical Easter table decoration, you can introduce a little more color into it. Even mix flashy colors and various Easter patterns, for example, floral and dots pattern purple color of tulips with rich yellow daffodils and a lot of grass green to it. Then step back and watch the visual effect of it. That way, you could create something unique for your Easter table.

Elegantly decorated Easter table with citrus-aftertaste

Bring your dining table and chairs outside and dine al fresco in fine weather. Combine floral with citrus accents, juicy colors with whites to create an elegant table setting for your Easter brunch.

Warmly welcome your guests and show yourself in the best light as host!

Leave out the traditional hues of Easter (pink, green and yellow) and add melon-colored accents to your table decoration. A beautiful bouquet of orange, green and red nuances as the centerpiece will be your definitive eye-catcher on the Easter table. To accentuate the chosen color palette, you could tie ribbons in those colors on the back of each chair. Is not that a delightful table decoration?

Are you a bird lover? Then show it through your table decoration for Easter!

The festival can begin at this skilfully decorated Easter table decorated in pastel colors!

The simple table decoration for Easter can also look dramatic

Pink easter table decoration for true romantics

On the Easter table must be a centerpiece that draws everyone’s attention

Place a self-made eye-catcher in the center of the table and then decorate around it

Decorated with attention to detail

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