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2017 Balconies – tips and tricks to make the balcony cheap and modern

The balcony design is in principle a big issue for all apartment owners. But just before the summer season, it is very topical, because millions of people want to sit in the sun and rain longer in the fresh air, switch off from the annoying everyday problems and completely relax. This little break outside on the balcony is necessary for every modern-minded person, because we all want to recharge our batteries for the next day and then fresh, well-rested and energetic to our daily work. Do you want to have a modern outdoor area, where you feel well and forget all your worries? Then stay tuned for clever tips and practical tricks for a cheap and modern balcony design 2017!

On the well designed balcony you can find pure relaxation and inner harmony

Balcony design 2017

After the arrival of spring, we really feel like decorating our four walls happily and inviting the new season home. With this good project you can not ignore the balcony, big or small. Because each balcony could be comfortably furnished and designed, so that one often stays there alone or with family and friends longer. The rule of thumb is that before you even begin redesigning your balcony in the spring, you need to work out a well thought-out design concept. Consider your available balcony area and the direction of the compass. These two aspects are crucial for the entire balcony design. For example, on a small balcony do not fit large outdoor furniture and on the contrary: if you have a large balcony, then you can give your imagination free rein in its design, because here you have enough space to use many ideas. And what would a modern balcony be without beautiful potted plants? Yes, but not all blooming or evergreen natural beauties can flourish well on a south facing balcony. And the opposite also applies: for the design of a balcony with north orientation you have to choose the right conditions for the right flowers and plants that do without too much sun and still give you their natural beauty. Below, we will look at other aspects of the 2017 balcony design – from the style to the balcony furniture to the details that are of great value. In advance, it should be said: the modern and affordable balcony design 2017 tends to modern, weather-resistant elegant furniture and other terrace accessories that meet the wishes and preferences of the balcony owners perfectly.

Make yourself as comfortable as possible on your balcony!

Current balcony design ideas 2017

The balcony design ideas are so numerous and colorful that you might feel confused. To avoid this, we want to briefly present you the current trends in balcony design in 2017. Definitely this year a balcony in a certain style will be the hit! Currently, for example, is a balcony design in the so-called Modern Country Style. This means that you can freely combine new and old while creating a cozy and homely atmosphere on your balcony. Country-style or vintage-inspired furniture can be combined with new, all-modern features (such as awnings or umbrellas, modern lighting and decoration) to create a WOW effect on your private balcony. In addition, the balcony or terrace design in the Asian look is gaining in popularity, because in an Asian-designed outdoor area, one hopes to find regeneration, pure relaxation and inner harmony. Water features, a Buddha figure and bamboo are on the balcony in the Asian style the absolute must-haves. Not to be denied are all other known design ideas – from the classic to extravagant to the super chic! You can choose the style that best suits your character and personal preference.

No matter how big (or small!) Your balcony is, it has to look homely and inviting

A balcony designed in Asian style looks very balanced

Lounge furniture and modern balcony design

Lounge furniture is associated with garden furniture in most cases. But if you have a wide balcony, then they fit in there as well. Elegant lounge furniture is mainly made of rattan or poly rattan. A set of 2 or 3 would be simply the undisputed eye-catcher on your balcony, which then sets the tone for the rest of the balcony design. The elegant lounge furniture offers enough space for some people, is very comfortable and absolutely weather resistant. They bring the desired touch of modernity to your balcony and turn it into a real oasis of well-being. Often the lounge furniture can also be found online at very reasonable prices. But if you are a crafts fan, then you can build something elegant for your own balcony. Here we mean the furniture made of pallets, which are easy to assemble and always reasonably priced. So, think it over again, what’s important to you and then get started!

Palletized furniture can easily fit into any outdoor environment

Designed with attention to detail and achieve a WOW effect

Fresh balcony design with plants

Colorful balcony flowers and green potted plants make every balcony more comfortable and comfortable. For these natural design elements, light, sun and irrigation are very important factors. Before taking a step towards balcony greening, depending on your design project, you need to assess which plants and exactly where you want to place them outside. The orientation of your balcony plays a special role. But in the nearby flower shop or online, you can find out in detail which plants and flowers thrive in your well. Only then you can decide for yourself what you would like to have exactly on your own balcony – winter hardy and perennial shrubs such as lavender and hydrangea or rather oleander and angel trumpet for a balcony with lots of sun. It would be quite trendy to create a vertical garden, which ensures the desired freshness on the balcony even on hot summer days and evenings. Or would you rather design a small herb garden outside and have fresh herbs and spices always at hand? This balcony design idea is also often preferred, it will remain 2017 in any case. But as already mentioned, the balcony area and the direction of the compass set the tone, and then you also have to design your outdoor area.

If you do not have enough space on the balcony, potted plants and cut flowers in a vase are the perfect solution for you

On the balcony you can create a small herb garden

The small balcony actually has a great design potential

The small balcony is in the limelight

The small balcony and its modern design will be in the limelight in 2017, as most homeowners are interested in it. For the very simple reason – in every big city this is the most widespread balcony type, right? The rule here is to use the limited area so that you get the best out of the small balcony. Most people at least want a cozy coffee place outdoors. Also a sitting area for two would be a successful design idea, with elegant folding furniture (coffee table and chairs). There you can have breakfast in the morning and in the evening sit comfortably as a couple and enjoy the view, with a glass of wine in hand!
What else do you need on the small balcony so that it becomes a mini outdoor oasis? Of course, easy-care plants are a must here. Good visibility and sun protection is also necessary on the small balcony, because your privacy must be secured. A parasol or awning ensures your comfort even on hot summer days. Also, consider subtle colors and clean lines to keep your small balcony from overflowing. Of course, you can design it in your preferred style, that is, introduce a rustic or more Mediterranean flair there or set up the small balcony area exotic in Asian or Moroccan style. Think again of the floor covering (terracotta, wood or a small carpet) and then adjust the whole decor in color. Inquire about the right plants for a small balcony and act courageously! This is the only way to turn your small balcony into an oasis of well-being outdoors!

We hope you enjoy it and have many pleasant hours there in the fresh air!

On the small balcony you can have breakfast in the morning and a glass of wine in the evening.

Weather-resistant, comfortable outdoor furniture and floor tiles make the cozy atmosphere here

Lots of wood and lush green are combined here with eye-catching lanterns

The balcony plants bring freshness and color

The small balcony in the city is also a major asset of the apartment

Let your creativity flow in your balcony design

Does your mini open-air oasis look the same? Mine already!

Put your favorite colors on the balcony design to make the exterior look colorful and cheerful

A small glazed balcony can be so appealing!

Design your balcony according to your own ideas and wishes!

Take care of the visual harmony on your balcony and introduce some color!

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