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3 alternatives to the curtain

Move, new apartment and finally you are done with the setup – or not? If you let your eyes wander on the sofa, it inevitably remains hanging on the still bare windows.

Not only from a decorative point of view, these blanks are rather ugly. Summer is just around the corner and it’s easy to imagine how hot the room gets when the sun shines with all its might. It is also annoying to have to turn off the lights each time you move to prevent them from becoming the evening program of the neighbors.

So there has to be a solution: As far as hangings on the window are concerned, the classic curtain will surely come to your mind first. But does it always have to be curtains? When searching the Internet, we inevitably come across many suggestions to make the windows to our liking. 3 alternatives to the curtain should be presented here:

There are modern alternatives to the classic curtains, which you can also consider as privacy and sun protection


Who does not know her? The beautiful pleats that give the skirt and dress that certain something. But what works with the clothes, turns out to be suitable for the window. The pleated window is not only incredibly decorative and modern, but also extremely practical and versatile. Optimal light, visual and thermal protection is provided by the pleats, all in a very appealing packaging. When scrolling through the Google results, sooner or later you will also discover pleats from Sensuna that convince with their noble designs and beautiful colors. Perhaps you can already see in your mind’s eye that one or the other pleats decorate the windows in your living room?

One more thing should be mentioned here briefly and this concerns especially those who are less likely to win craftsmanship: There is the possibility to dispense with screws, drilling & Co. during assembly. Another plus: annoying holes are missing – probably also to the delight of your landlord. Clamping or gluing are the magic words here. How exactly this works, for example, explain the experts of heimtextilien.com.

Elegant view and sun protection and beautiful window decoration in one

roller blind

Of course, the roller blind must not be missing in this list. Why? Well, if the curtain is the classic at the window, especially in terms of decoration, then the roller blind is the typical choice when it comes mainly to functionality in the window hanging. And there is a reason for this: The roller blind successfully and reliably banishes the summer heat, the light of the morning sun and curious neighbor’s views from the room.

Discreet colors enhance the visual effect of the window blinds

So far so good – but the look is important when it comes to well-being. If you look around, you’ll find that roller blinds have a lot to offer in terms of looks today. With colors, patterns and motifs, there are hardly any wishes left. Then the only question to be clarified is whether the bedroom should now become classic stripes, romantic scattered flowers or more abstract patterns on the roller blind …

A right variety of colors, patterns and motifs is yours to choose from


They are everywhere. In medical practices, in the office and if you remember that way – even the staff room had it on the window: slats

Now you are sure to ask yourself why it is precisely slats that appear in this list? So far, slats were only interesting when it came to close them in the office so that the computer screen does not fade further.

But that’s exactly where your advantage lies. The flexibility of lamellae makes it possible to individually determine the incidence of the light. Another reason why slats are incredibly practical? They efficiently cover large glass fronts. So it is hardly surprising that this kind of window decoration usually meets us more in public areas. But why not use this advantage at home? One argument could be: They look bland and boring. But anyone who dares to take a trip into the world of window fashion will soon be convinced of the opposite. Slats are available in a wide variety of colors. Also tasteful patterns and motifs can be found. So how about giving slats a second chance, maybe one or the other will be convinced.

Slats celebrate their big comeback as privacy and sun protection at home and in the office

By the way, that goes quite simply over the previously mentioned page Heimtextilien.com , Here you will find all three alternatives and more. And while you’re there, look for it Sensuna Symbol. These products convince through high quality made in Germany at fair prices and with very short delivery times. So, just have a look!

Slats – appealing and very practical at the same time

The window blind offers the best visibility and sun protection

Even your attic apartment must be well protected from the glaring sunshine

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