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30 Last Minute – Halloween decoration ideas you need for your porch

Have you decorated your home for Halloween? Hopefully the porch too? If you have neglected them or, in principle, pay less attention to them, we will show you 30 great decoration ideas for Halloween, with which you can make up for lost things so far. Just at the last moment before the horror festival you can beautify the porch and make it more inviting for your Halloween guests. But you can use the same fearsome decoration ideas in front of your house entrance and achieve a stronger WOW effect. Yes, because the entrance door and the area around them are actually a strong eye-catcher for passers-by and friends thanks to a suitable decoration.

Halloween party-decoration

Halloween is coming!

And we’ll show you what else to use in your decoration to scare the atmosphere. In our picture gallery you will find everything possible for Halloween. Let’s start with the simple, even delicate deco pieces like a pink flamingo and go over nicely decorated ones pumpkins of all kinds to very scary things. Skeletons, skulls and bones make your decoration look scary. You can even count scary spider webs on throw pillows, the obligatory BOO sign and much more. Yes, a variety of decorating ideas are available so you can make your front porch or entrance feel particularly frightening this year.

Pumpkin Decoration

Make the pumpkin decoration unique this year!

We also wish you a lot of fun with Halloween while looking at the scary photos and the horror festival itself!


Happy Halloween!

Halloween ideas

It’s getting scary!


…. or not quite!


Such a beautiful flamingo does not look scary, does it?


Beautifully decorated pumpkin can be part of any stylish Halloween decoration.

pillow-decoration ideas-for-halloween

How do you like this throw pillow?

Decorating ideas-for-a-halloween

A skull is scary though!


Brighten up your Halloween party!


Put a friendly and inviting BOO doormat in front of your front door!


Pumpkins do not just have to look traditional but also modern.

windbreak lantern

An elegant windbreak lantern

decoration idea-for-spooky-tischdeko

The tealights are so well protected

Halloween party-deko

…. or so! Quite the meaning of the horror festival!

boo-ideas-for-halloween decorations

halloween deco

idee-mini pumpkins





cool Halloween decorating ideas-1

cool Halloween decorating ideas-1
cool Halloween decorating ideas-2

cool Halloween decorating ideas-3

cool Halloween decorating ideas-3

cool Halloween decorating ideas-4


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