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5 beautiful early bloomers – our most popular spring messengers in the garden

It’s hard to believe! The holidays pass by quickly and soon the end of the cold season comes. Although the warm spring sun is still to come, in the gardens, flower shops and on the Sunday markets from mid-February there are the first spring messengers telling us that spring is coming soon! Which these Blühwunder are, learn the same! Today we have selected our 5 favorite spring flowers and introduce them to you here. These beautiful spring flowers bring a lot of color and good mood and tune us in the warmer season! Its finely formed flowers and bright colors are a clear sign that nature awakes from hibernation.


The colorful garden beauties impress with their shapes and colors

  1. Set up a colorful spring messenger

If you want to admire a sea of ​​color in your garden in spring, then you have to plant tulips in a variety of colors. For these garden beauties, choose a sunny to partially shaded location and their flowering time will last even until May. They decorate the garden as well as the interior as well. Because as cut flowers in the vase, they are the definitive eye-catcher in the room. If you want to admire these colorful beauties in spring, you must put the onions in pots in autumn, between September and November, about 10 cm deep, and pour moderate water. The tulips do not like waterlogging, so be careful with watering. Her flowers unfold within a few days and impresses us with wonderful colors. The color palette of the tulips is very rich, it starts with white and goes over pink, yellow, red, purple and ends with the raised black tulips. All the colors are a perfect match for the perfectly shaped flowers, so you can not resist this beauty and most certainly take a bunch of flowers from the nearby flower shop as you pass by. In the tepid water, the flowers open and show us their full splendor and delight our eyes for days.


Give a bouquet of red tulips and express your warm feelings!

  1. Daffodils are in a good mood


Daffodils: Where daffodils bloom, Lenz is not far away!

Undoubtedly the daffodils belong to the beautiful spring bloomers. They come in their perfect blooms in April and May and can be seen everywhere at Easter in the flower shops or on the markets. That’s why the daffodils are still known as daffodils. They captivate with their bright yellow of delicate flowers, but there are many in white or as mixed forms. Depending on the variety, the stems can be up to 50 cm high. You need a sunny to partially shaded location in the garden, the soil should be permeable to water. In principle, the daffodils are easy to care for, even if you do not have a green thumb, you can try it with daffodils in your outdoor area. These beautiful spring flowers also thank for the smallest effort and the least care and delight with their bright flowers in snow white, money or orange. They are all so beautiful that it is difficult to avert their gaze. The tulips are the right mood-makers and spread a happy mood outside in the garden or indoors in the vase. In this country one often says: Where daffodils bloom, the Lenz is not far away. They are undoubtedly one of our most popular spring messengers.


Daffodils in snow white symbolize innocence.

  1. Crocuses draw a colorful picture in the garden


Beautiful colors and good mood bring the colorful crocuses

If you like the variegation and the variety of colors in the garden, then you do not have to do without crocuses. They are easy to care for, their tubers only have to be planted in the autumn, between September and October. The planting depth must be 7 to 10 cm deep. Choose a water-permeable place, but you do not even need to water the onions. Nature does it all by itself. But add some compost to fertilize them. In the spring you will admire the beautiful colors of your crocuses. These spring flowers may be monochrome in yellow, orange or purple colored or striped. But in all cases, they paint a colorful picture in the garden and spray joy of life and cheerfulness.


In white, yellow or purple, the crocuses are beautiful eye-catchers in the garden


The blue-violet flowers of the dwarf iris are captivatingly beautiful

  1. The delicate dwarf Iris shines in the garden at the end of February

And our fifth favorite is the dwarf Iris, also known as Netziris. She captivates us with her violet blue flowers that exude subtlety and charm. The dwarf iris could delight your eyes and soul from the middle of February, because during the mild winter it still shows its head out of the ground in late winter and announces the coming spring. This onion flower is quite demanding, because it needs a nutrient-rich, calcareous and well-drained soil that stays dry in the summer. An annual fertilization is also desired. For this delicate garden beauty, choose a sunny to partially shaded spot outside, illuminated by the morning sun. After the spring bloom you have to wait and remove the withered leaves. Only then can you remove these bulbs. Only later can you divide the onions and keep them until the next planting in late summer. A practical tip from us. When dealing with the beautiful dwarf iris, it is better to use gloves as it may cause skin irritation and other allergic reactions.


Hobby gardeners love the beautiful dwarf Iris, because it announces clearly, soon comes the spring!

  1. Hyacinth the sophisticated beauty for home and garden

In the pot or directly outside in the garden the hyacinths are always a great highlight

Among the spring bloomers, there is still a sophisticated beauty that surprises us not only with its delicate colors, but also with a stunningly beautiful fragrance before the beginning of spring. The hyacinth comes in gorgeous colors, ranging from white to pink and blue to purple. If you want to have the fragrant spring flowers in the garden or in the pot at home, you must put the onions in the autumn, between October and November, in soil. Here again the golden rule applies: The planting depth should be twice as deep as the diameter of the flower bulbs. The hyacinth likes a lot of sun, it prefers a sunny as possible location. Its flowers can grow up to 40 cm high and spread a specific, very delicate fragrance through the air. In the growing and flowering period, you can water moderately. Be careful, because these flowers can not tolerate waterlogging. After the flowering period, you can continue to pour until the hyacinth leaves turn yellow. Only then can you cut them off. Then comes the rest period for these beautiful spring flowers.

: Delicate colors and wonderful scent in one


Pure tenderness pink tulips


Can you easily avert your gaze from so much beauty?


Delicate flowers in white daffodils


A beautiful sea of ​​colors in blue


White hyacinths always attract all eyes

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