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5 easy-care indoor plants for beginners

We want to help a little something for all flower lovers without green thumbs and total beginners in flower care today. There are certain easy-care indoor plants that are not as sophisticated as others. Especially these are ours today. They are perfect for anyone who wants to have some greenery in their own home, but can not sacrifice much time for the green room dwellers. So you need uncomplicated houseplants that thrive stress-free and carefree. We now want to present 5 of them and you can then decide for yourself whether these easy-care indoor plants are good and suitable for you.

Piston thread (Aglaonema)

The piston thread is a real gem among the easy-care indoor plants

The piston thread is a real gem among the easy-care indoor plants

The piston thread (Aglaonema) is a beautiful, decorative houseplant. That’s a real beauty in any environment. The scientific name Aglaonema comes from the Greek (“aglos” means shiny and “nema” means thread). The piston thread has beautiful, shiny, interesting patterned leaves that are gray, cream and green colored. He needs a bright location at home, but can not stand the glaring sunbeams. Then the flower gets leaf burns. The piston thread grows excellent at a room temperature of 18 to 22 degrees C. Never leave the plant in a cold room. Regular watering with lukewarm water is required. This foliage plant is native to tropical areas, so it needs more moisture in our geographical latitudes. If it is a bit dry in the room, then spray the piston thread regularly with lukewarm water. Once every two weeks, it’s good! You need fertilizer more often!


The piston thread is beautiful and easy to care for, ideal for beginners in flower care



Begonia offers a variety of shapes and colors in your own home

Begonia is a popular and very popular houseplant. It needs a location in the apartment where no direct sunlight falls in, which means North or East windows are ideal in this case. The room temperature must not fall below 16 degrees C, but too high temperatures can endure the begonia bad. The begonias are easy to care for, but watch out for regular watering. The potting soil must not completely dry out, nor should it be taken over. Fertilize twice a month, that’s completely enough. Something important: The begonia grows easily in rooms with high humidity. However, if the air is dry, you do not need to spray the plant with water, as this can lead to fungal attack. Keep these simple care tips in mind and the begonia will reward you with their flowers.

3-houseplants begonia-

Beautifully beautiful in soft pink

Green lily (Chlorophytum)

The easy-care green lily cleans the room air and brings a lot of freshness into any ambience

The easy-care green lily cleans the room air and brings a lot of freshness into any ambience

The green lily (Chlorophytum) is a popular, very pretty houseplant that is extremely easy to care for. It has pale yellow to green striped leaves that grow up to 70 cm long and bend easily. At home, the green lily needs a bright location, in winter it can stand in direct sunlight. Only in summer should it be protected from the bright midday sun, otherwise its leaves will burn. The Chlorophytum grows very fast from spring to late autumn and must be often poured during this time. Nevertheless, one must avoid waterlogging as well as large ball dryness. In the winter months, the plant does not need much moisture, that is, pour moderately, so that the soil always remains slightly moistened. Normal room temperature (not below 10 degrees C and not above 30 degrees C) is an excellent condition for the growth of the green lily. A soil mixture based on compost is also recommended. Fertilize with a liquid fertilizer for potted plants and you will have no problems whatsoever with your green lily.


The striped leaves in light yellow and green look interesting

Single leaf (Spathiphyllum)


The single leaf is a real eye-catcher in every room

Spathiphyllum or single leaf, leaf flag Scheidenblatt or peace lily, as it is commonly called in German-speaking countries, is an evergreen houseplant. The single leaf is our favorite among easy-care indoor plants. Originally from the tropical regions of America, it was first brought to Europe by travelers in 1870. The peace lily is very striking with its beautiful flower in white or cream tones, which contrasts with the green leaves. It brings a lot of beauty and elegance to your home. The single sheet is easy to clean, but requires regular watering. The plant should never dry out. This gorgeous roommate blooms in spring and late summer and must be regularly fertilized during flowering. The single leaf thrives best at normal room temperature. However, this must never lower below 15 degrees C. The plant does not like direct sun. Humidity is an important care factor for the paper. It even finds its well deserved place in the bathroom. In the other rooms you must spray it with lime-free water if necessary. The Spathiphyllum is best repotted in the spring, while sharing this houseplant is also possible.


This beautiful roommate blooms from spring to late summer


1-houseplants zamioculcas-

Brilliant green leaves to admire at home all year round

The Zamioculcas, or Zamie for short, is a popular houseplant. It enchants with its shiny green leaves and can grow up to 150 cm high. This houseplant is always a real eye-catcher in the room. The Zamioculcas likes a half-shady or shady spot and thrives very well in normal room temperatures. The best substrate is flower or palm soil. This should be watered regularly, in winter, the soil can be left slightly drier. In the warm seasons you only have to enrich the earth with liquid fertilizer once a month. The Zamie is not demanding at all, it actually thrives in all room conditions. It likes room temperatures around 20 degrees C, in the winter also cooler, 15 degrees C enough. She comes with little care and light and can handle long periods of drowsiness. However, you have to give this houseplant a little care, only then she will thank you with flask-flowering. Unfortunately, this beauty rarely shows the Zamie.

2-houseplants zamioculcas-

The Zamie can grow up to 150 cm high

aglaonema_3-house plants

Interesting leaf discoloration of the piston thread

2-houseplants begonia-

Begonia is more beautiful than ever with its yellow flowers


Bring a green touch to your home

1-houseplants Spathiphyllum

Enjoy elegance and beauty at home

3-houseplants zamioculcas-

Some greenery is good for every home!

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