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50 picture examples and clever ideas for a modern terrace design

Just as the houses are spacious and luxurious or tiny and modest, so too are their balconies, terraces or verandas. But their size does not matter to us today, because we want to concentrate mainly on the modern terrace design. The beautiful weather is coming soon and we all need new ideas to make this outdoor space as cozy and comfortable as possible. Here are 50 sample images and some creative ideas on how to do it. And do not worry if you do not have enough finance for this purpose. Here, your imagination and creativity are mostly needed and you have to put them into play now.

  • Floor design on the terrace and porch

Let’s start with the floor on the balcony, terrace or veranda. It can be made of wood in older apartments and houses. The wooden floorboards can be natural or painted in one color. If necessary, you can roll out a small carpet on it and increase the feeling of warmth and coziness. There are also more modern outdoor flooring. First and foremost are the high-quality tiles that are totally weather-resistant, scratch-resistant and non-slip. Currently they are available in different sizes and colors, so you can always choose the right one. And in terms of terrace flooring, the teak still remains very trendy, although that is the most expensive option.

A small carpet can sometimes have a big impact

Tiled floors and Rattan garden furniture make the cozy atmosphere on this balcony

  • Terrace furniture and accessories

What would be an outdoor area without comfortable furniture, where you could rest properly? Furniture and accessories play a key role in the modern terrace or veranda design. Depending on the available space, you can choose these and consider their positioning. Think about how many hours you want to spend outdoors in the sun and in which direction your terrace ends. This is an important strategy in the design of balconies, terraces and verandas. In terms of patio furniture, the sofa is essential for us. It makes the atmosphere outside cozy and invites you to stay longer. But if you have more space outside, we recommend a corner sofa, which can accommodate several people. Comfortable armchairs and stools, even poufsund / or swings are also part of the furniture of the terrace. Throw some cuddly soft decorative cushions here and there that complete the cozy look outside. In the specialty shops you will find everything you need for every taste and bag. It should also be mentioned that you can choose between patio furniture made of wood, rattan or wrought iron. Homemade furniture made of pallets has recently become very popular. The range is really diverse, you just have to choose your favorite style and personal preference before you buy.

The outdoor furniture is weather-resistant and looks elegant

Create a consistent look and let the threshold between inside and outside disappear

  • Green plants on balcony, terrace or veranda

For all those who have a green thumb, now is the best time to show their skills. But there are also many design ideas with green plants for balcony and terrace even for beginners. Do not forget that the green is especially good for us, it calms your eyes and soul and lets you really relax. Whether you choose flowerpots or planters is entirely up to you, but always consider the size of your outdoor area so you will not get a cluttered look there. Immerse yourself in the scent of aromatic flowering plants and enjoy endless hours outdoors. Flank your patio or porch with evergreen potted plants and admire every sight there. Or maybe you would choose a vertical garden and try to create it yourself? So many design options are open to you, you just have to access them!

Scroll down now and let yourself be inspired by our selected picture examples!

Create a welcoming atmosphere on the terrace or veranda!

In modern buildings you have to make the outdoor area modern

Choose small, lightweight furniture with floral touches for the small balcony and create a romantic atmosphere

Wood always radiates warmth and rustic charm

Decorate the terrace with green plants and create a welcoming and very comfortable outdoor area

A veranda where you like to stay

Make yourself comfortable outside!

A comfortable corner sofa fits wonderfully on this veranda

Create a cozy sitting area outside, where you like to sit with friends and family and bring lots of talk time together

You can also find suitable furniture for the small balcony

Light up your veranda in the evening and stay there longer with your family members and friends!

Even on cool evenings, it must be comfortable outside.

By matching tiles you can create contrasts

Bring something exotic on your porch!

For the cat there is also a cozy place on the terrace

Cozy outside drinking coffee and breathe in the open air

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