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6 classic rules that you should follow at home with every family and friend meal

In an ideal world, your family would gather each evening around the laid-out dining table at a pre-arranged hour and enjoy the tasty meal while chatting. There would be no phones and no TV. Nobody would fidget or feel bored. Because at this round, all conversations are interesting, at the dining table it is amusing and everyone can show his beloved people how much he appreciates them.

The reality looks different for many people. Unpredictable hours of work, post-school or post-workout sports training, last-minute business trips, fidgeting kids and distracting screens can ruin any family meal. How you can avoid this, we want to show you right away.

Plan the menu for your family one week in advance if possible

  • The key word for successful family meals is: planning

Most people do not think about what they are doing for dinner during the day. Only between 16:00 and 18:00, such thoughts begin to circle in their heads. This also begins the nightmare: to pick up the children from kindergarten or from school immediately after work, only then to shop and run home quickly. Does this sound familiar to you? Or a frozen pizza could save the embarrassing situation in this case. So that you do not panic and can not find time to prepare the dinner, it is highly recommended that you plan ahead on the weekend! Yes, you must plan in advance the whole menu for the week and this will save you any confusion on the weekdays.

Dear no food for your beloved people

Eat at home with your family in a cozy atmosphere, depending on the occasion or the upcoming feast

  • Make the atmosphere special.

Try to light candles, bring good dishes and a nice tablecloth out of the closet, or eat outside at least once a week in good weather, to enjoy special moments with your family and to feel happy and relaxed

Bring your most beautiful dishes, beautiful tablecloth and napkins from the cupboard and light candles

To the cozy atmosphere at Food at home Something else is important: Do not be disturbed by unexpected calls when having family meals. It is best to turn off your computer or iPad and do not allow children to watch TV during their meal together. Concentrate on the interpersonal contacts and teach your children good manners when eating.

Let your children participate in the meal preparation!

  • Have each family member participate in the dinner

Encourage children to smell spices and choose the one that best suits the menu. So the little ones feel helpful and completely involved in the process of preparation.

Do something great with daddy?

  • Be creative in the interior design

Always try to create a friendly atmosphere for eating together with family and friends. Beautiful cut flowers in an elegant vase on the dining table, interesting decorative items on the windowsill or on the side table, candlesticks, subtle light that can all lead to a relaxed atmosphere.

Enjoy food and entertainment together in a relaxed atmosphere with family and friends

  • Good entertainment is a must in the family and friends

Talk about your day at table and let each family member talk about it. The good conversation in the family and friends with the food breaks down the everyday stress. Therefore, let everyone have their say and always listen well.

Avoid telling someone he is eating too fast, too slow or not enough. This can have a negative impact on everyone else at the table. Keep the happy and relaxed atmosphere all the time.

Not the food, but the interpersonal communication is important at the table

  • Sit hungry at the dining table

Of course, if you eat a sandwich on the way home from work, you will not be hungry for dinner. Especially for the children, it is important to cut the snacks just before dinner. So everyone comes to the dining table hungry and ready to eat. They would be more likely to try new foods.

Go hungry to your friends for a tasty meal and many amusing hours of great entertainment and fun

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