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6 color combinations for a successful, timeless bathroom design

Renovating a bathroom can be a complicated affair: often you have to thoroughly renovate this particular room for lasting results. This can be costly and time consuming, so you move the renovation of the bathroom like to later time.

Most people rely on neutral colors in the bathroom design: a particular bright color can quickly get out of fashion and make the home design look outdated. However, the white color does not mean the solution here. We present you 6 color ideas that create special designs and provide fashion-independent highlights.

Bathroom design color choice checkerboard floor black and white

The black and white mix is ​​still very popular

Bathroom black and white classic decor

High-contrast color scheme and patterned tile floor

The black and white color combination is the eternal classic, and not only in bathroom design. This trend dates back to the 1920s, from the time of Art-D é co-movement. Bold geometric patterns in both colors already decorated floors and walls. A bathroom with a checkerboard floor, chrome trim and wall mirror with silver frames, looks guaranteed today as stylish as it was 100 years ago. Is not that remarkable?

Color scheme Moisture Turquoise Brown White

Brown is consistent, natural and never goes out of fashion

Washbasin wood fronts light blue tile wall

The delicate light blue shade ensures harmony and relaxation

Checkerboard floor white beige freestanding bathtub

If you want a timeless design, the tinted colors are better than any bold fashion tones

Bathroom design washbasin white taupe

The timeless, neutral colors like white and taupe are a perfect match

The mix of turquoise, chocolate brown and white is already a thing of the past. On the border between traditional and contemporary, the turquoise and white appear cool and airy next to each other. Contrast and depth of space form the third color: dark brown. Another accent would be putting a beige bathmat. If you want to organize a feel-good area at home, you would definitely have to choose these colors. The icing on the cake are cuddly bath towels in turquoise and white.

Although you do not encounter the brown color too often in bathroom designs, it is very suitable for the wet room. In particular, the light nuances are inviting and unpretentious.

Close to nature color combination blue yellow round mirror

Wall mirror: the interior design contains elements of the maritime furnishing style

Small bathroom gray nuances plain

A dark floor sets a modern contrast to the bright bathroom

Bathroom neutral effect gray colors

Gray bathroom with moody effect

Different shades of gray create a simple, clean room look. Tints in light and dark gray ensure a flexible appearance. As decoration, a bouquet of flowers or a houseplant will create the desired color balance. With gray as the main color you can not go wrong in the bathroom.

Blue and yellow are a natural color combination: do you think of a sunrise by the sea?

Complementary colors complement each other optically because of their reciprocity. For example, red and green create a surprising color accent. Are you convinced of that?

Modern bathroom designs can look traditional yet provide a wow effect. With these color combinations in your bathroom you hit the nail on the head!

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