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7 great ideas with colorful balloons and pompoms for the kids party

Birthday decoration colorful decoration colorful balloons

Colorful decoration with balloons for the children’s party is always trendy

Your child’s birthday is coming and you are still in despair, whether you can create a great decoration yourself or if you prefer to turn to the professionals. We believe that you can create a remarkable and unique party decoration with colorful balloons and pompons by following these useful tips.

Decorate the birthday cake with colorful pompoms

Cake Kids Party Colorful Pompons Cream Cake Decoration Ideas

An unusual cake with colorful pompoms

If you decorate the children’s party with balloons, consider a suitable decoration for the cake. Prepare a plain round or rectangular white cake. Beautify them with colorful pompons and mini balloons in rainbow colors. Choose the decorative elements in different sizes to achieve an interesting and happy look.

Decoration ideas with balloons for the children’s party

Kids event table design colorful air balloons flags

A colorful paradise for the children’s party

Currently there are a great variety of balloons on the market – monochrome, illustrated, in metallic colors, with confetti, small or huge. You will not make a mistake if you take different balloons and fill the whole room with them – on the floor, on the walls, on the table, on the chairs, hanging from the ceiling, they can just be anywhere in the room. So you create a fun and cheerful atmosphere and all children will be totally happy about it and celebrate the birthday party in the best of moods.

Table design with balloons decoration

Rainbow colors deco kids party birthday child table design

Stylish table design for your child’s birthday

For a great table design for the kids party you need balloons in different sizes and in all the bright colors of the rainbow. Arrange the colorful balloons and complement the cheerful atmosphere on the table with cups and napkins in matching colors.

DIY ideas with balloons

Deco idea kids birthday bow made of balloons

A great bow of balloons will spice up any kids party

Decorations made of balloons are easy to make yourself. All you need are colorful balloons, thread, your creativity and a little patience. Simple shapes for beginners are bow, flowers and chains. If you like to do handicrafts, try using letters or animals. You can also do this with the kids during the party and it will be really amusing.

Bow of colorful balloons on the front door

colorful bow from balloons kids party decoration idea

Did you recognize where the children’s party takes place?

Regardless of whether the kids party is taking place in your home or in a restaurant, point out the party zone with a bow of colorful balloons at the entrance. This decoration looks very inviting and festive. You can beautify the sheet with paper lanterns, as well as with bows or pompoms

party – Form flowers from balloons

Outdoor kids party balloons colorful flag chain red floor cushions

Outdoor children’s parties are a hit in the summer

Kids like balloons and every balloon game will be interesting and fun for them. Obtain long-shaped balloons and help the children form various figures with or out of the balloons. Some ideas from us – flower, dog, hat, sword … these are very easy to tinker. To ensure the children hours of entertainment and a great decoration for the children’s party.

Children’s party with balloons and paper lanterns

Tableware ideas kids party birthday colorful balloons blue paper ball

Colorful colors create a cheerful and cheerful atmosphere in the room

A very nice and happy decoration idea for the children’s party is to let the balloons and paper lanterns hang from the ceiling. It will certainly remain untouched throughout the festival and the children will have enough space on the ground to play.

The balloons are no trivial thing – unfold your imagination and make the celebration of your child unforgettable!

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