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Bathroom tiles – current trends 2017 in pictures and ideas for modern bathroom design

Like everything else in life, with the ever-advancing technical and intellectual development of people around the world, our personal demands on our immediate living environment are changing as well. It has to meet the latest trends in interior design, be as multifunctional as possible and adapted to our own preferences. This development takes the current home to a new level. It now offers its owners more comfort, ensures their privacy and ensures their daily relaxation. These guidelines of modern home decor and interior design of course also affect the bathroom. This space, which is so important to all of us, is today the focus of our analysis. In this article we want to see what the latest trends in bathroom design mean and more specifically research these in terms of bathroom tiles. If you are interested, then stay tuned to learn more about the latest trends in bathroom tiles here.

Large-format tiles in beige and matching mosaic tiles set the tone for the modern bathroom design

Modern bathroom tiles and modern bathroom design go hand in hand

The modern bathroom is constantly taking on new functions. It is no longer the simple space that served only our hygiene and personal hygiene. The feel-good factor is very important here, that’s why the modern bathroom is turning more and more into an oasis of well-being, where you can find complete relaxation and pure relaxation. Many smaller or larger elements contribute to this – from the walk-in shower over the free-standing bathtub or a whirlpool to the current bathroom tiles and accessories, the range is multifaceted. All interior designers and experts in the field of bathroom design admit it: the bathroom tiles set the tone! And bathroom design and bathroom tiles go hand in hand! Therefore, the rule here is: If you want a modern bathroom, you must first take a look at the bathroom tiles! In other words, choose the bathroom tiles that meet your personal taste and style, and everything else will come of its own!

A free-standing bathtub in white is an excellent in a completely gray bathroom

Bathroom tiles and their look and feel

Modern bathroom tiles are easy to clean and visually very appealing. They can meet the highest standards of quality and aesthetics in the bathroom. Among the current trends in 2017, the tiles in wood look are again the undisputed number one! These have prevailed in recent years in interior design and this trend is also transferred to the bathroom. Why are tiles in wood look so popular, you might ask yourself. The answer is quite simple – they radiate natural heat and make the bathroom look inviting. This year, bathroom tiles in wood look and in the used-look, if possible with slight signs of weathering very high in the trend. They introduce rustic charm into the bathroom and make it even more tempting.

Beige nuances are now in! All fans of natural bathroom design will be looking forward to the latest trends in bathroom tiles in 2017

For a few years the industrial style has conquered the interior, the bathroom can not be excluded from this trend. In full harmony with the industrial look, the bathroom tiles are in concrete look. With these you achieve a somewhat conservative look in the bathroom, because these tiles look cool and functional. They are especially suitable for minimalist designed bathrooms.

The natural look and attractive feel set the tone for the 2017 tiles

As the modern-minded person increasingly seeks contact with the outdoors, another important trend can be observed in 2017, namely the stone look in all rooms. Of course, the bathroom tiles in stone look enjoy this year more and more popularity. In the bathroom, they definitely contribute to a natural and sustainable interior design. An exposed stone wall in the bathroom is also very popular.

A rich color palette is at your disposal when choosing tiles

Current colors and formats of bathroom tiles 2017

The bathroom tiles have been around for years a rich color palette that includes different hues, nuances and shades. This year, however, the beige and gray shades are very topical. They correspond to the other trends of bathroom tiles (tiles in wood and concrete look), have a very positive effect on the senses and make the bathroom look more spacious and comfortable! So that your bathroom does not seem monotonous, you can spread a few splashes of color here and there on the walls and thus achieve a trendy look.

Insert some more color into your bath through the bathroom tiles

Gray is up to date again this year!

The formats are getting bigger! The black-and-white color duo is particularly strong

Big is beautiful! According to this motto, the sizes of the bathroom tiles are getting bigger this year. The small 15 x 15 cm tiles, well known to all of us, are already in the past. Often 30 X 30 cm tiles are not big enough for the bathroom, new dimensions are there – 60 X 60 cm are now the classics, but there are great deals in even larger formats, for example, those in 75 X 75 cm, even 90 X 90 cm. These also look very elegant and are very easy to care for. In addition, the seamless design in the bathroom is a must, so that you have to consider a lot of new things, before you start your own, completely new and current bathroom design.

Large-format floor tiles are combined here with mosaic tiles and those in stone look, creating a trendy bathroom design

Bathroom tiles in a mosaic look refresh the bathroom

Mustertrends 2017 with the bathroom tiles

Mosaic tiles were in demand last year and this trend will continue in 2017. Quite the contrary to the large-format tiles are now also mosaic designs back in! For example, a mosaic wall immediately attracts the eye, or the floor covering in the walk-in shower may be mosaic-look. Geometric patterns are also popular, they are striking and give the bathroom design an artful look. Currently in 2017, tiles are in 3D look and this trend is sure to prevail and remains current in the next few years. Interestingly enough, Old Fashion tiles – the so-called Metro tiles or station tiles – are enjoying increasing popularity and are being used more and more often in modern bathrooms.

The Old Fashion tiles or even Metro or station tiles are called this year particularly popular in the bathroom design

The broken white of the Metro tiles fits perfectly into the entire bathroom design

Bathroom tiles and bathrooms Design ideas according to current trends 2017

Finally, we would like to draw your attention to a particular trend that is gaining in popularity in 2017. Tiles are increasingly conquering all living spaces at home, making them more comfortable and setting the tone in interior design. The intelligent bathroom design is becoming more and more the focus and the modern tiles make an enormous contribution in this regard. Tiles are and will continue to be in demand in all rooms in the contemporary home, because they are easy to clean and intertwine high quality and much aesthetics in one.
Conclusion: The modern bathroom 2017 is in principle more spacious, that is much larger than conventional bathrooms. Its design is apt to express its creativity and personal taste. The current bathroom tiles 2017 are dominated by bright colors and soft pastel shades, and the beige and gray shades are in great demand. Depending on the style you choose, you can choose your bathroom tiles in the latest looks – tiles in wood, concrete or stone look. They give the bathroom a feeling of space and freshness and make it definitely your favorite place for relaxation and pure relaxation!

One tries to create a uniform look and to blur the threshold between the bedroom and the bathroom

The seamless bathroom tile design is a must in 2017!

The walk-in shower is gaining more and more popularity!

A lot of aesthetics are sometimes in the smallest details.

The bathtub is covered with metro tiles and is perfectly integrated into the entire bathroom design

The mosaic tiles provide movement and color in the bathroom design

The color duo black and white brings the bathroom design to a higher level

The natural look of the station tiles creates a natural aesthetic in the bathroom

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