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Beautiful autumn flowers delight our eye in September

We just have to accept it: the warm summer season is finally over and September brings cool weather. Most of the garden flowers have already withered and in certain places the backyard looks bare. Yes, but that’s the time of the beautiful Autumn flowers, who now show their flowers. Some bloom in August, show their beautiful flower colors in September and October and can decorate our garden until November. What are the typical and the most popular garden flowers that delight our eye in autumn, we show you in the next lines.

colorful-autumn flowers-give-the-OUTDOOR-new-noise

The autumnal garden enchants us with its flowers in beautiful colors


Here you can enjoy peace and serenity until November


With colorful chrysanthemums in pots, you usually decorate the front door and welcome your guests!

  1. chrysanthemum

We start our list of the most beautiful autumn flowers with the chrysanthemums, as these are actually the classics in the autumnal garden. These beautiful autumn flowers have come to Europe from East Asia and are currently among the most popular autumn flowers in our country. You need a sunny spot in the garden and wet soil. Their flower colors range from white and yellow to pink to red. There are even two- and multi-colored chrysanthemums. They are planted in the spring and can easily survive the winter. That means they are easy to care for and hardy, but colorful and gorgeous. That is why they decorate almost every garden from the end of August to the first winter frost.


Pumpkin chrysanthemums are a real eye-catcher indoors and outdoors

much-green-and-color-of-blooming-autumn flowers-chrysanthemums

Such a beautiful sight! The blooms of chrysanthemums are impressive in the fall! The classic autumn flowers transform any garden into a beautiful place!

  1. dahlia


There is so much beauty in nature!


She is just waiting to be discovered

The dahlias are originally from Mexico, where they are still a national symbol today. They must be planted from April to early May and bloom throughout the summer. In autumn, the dahlias show us their variety of colors, shapes and sizes. There are really many varieties of dahlia, so you can find the best for your garden. The dahlias like a sunny, sheltered location, but no shade or partial shade. The soil should be loose and moist, nutrient-rich and permeable to water. The dahlias are not hardy, their tubers must be taken out of the ground in late autumn. These can be stored in sandboxes, where they can hibernate really well. See you next spring, when the dahlias have to be replanted.

  1. Herbstanemone


Such a decent appearance every garden fan wishes to have in their own garden

herbstanemone-precise forms

Precise shapes and soft colors

herbstanemone-autumn flowers-in-garden

The anemone is one of the most beautiful autumn flowers in the garden

The anemones are perennials that bloom long term in the garden. Their name comes from the Greek “anemos”, which means “wind”. There are many varieties, but of course today we turn our attention to the autumn anemone. This is a real long-term bloomer, shows different flowering forms in unterschiedli different colors. Typical colors are white over pink to violet. The best location for the autumn anemone is a sunny to partially shaded, well sheltered place in the garden. The soil should be rich in nutrients and slightly permeable, because the autumn anemone likes moist soil. All varieties should be watered regularly. The white varieties also need a lot of fertilizer, the pink anemones are not that sensitive, but they also need good irrigation. Our insider tip: Choose the best early and late flowering anemones and you can admire their magnificent flowers from June to late autumn.

  1. marigold

the-classic-of-the-autumn flowers chrysanthemums

Nature obviously meant well with the Tagetes flowers!


A yellow swab and a great eye-catcher in the autumnal garden

Tagetes actually has a few names. This beautiful autumn flower is still called marigold, collecting flower, turkish carnation or cake flower. But all these names refer to the Tagetes, which pleases the eye and heart in autumn. It was named after the Etruscan demi-god day, which is said to have sprung from a field furrow. The hometown of Tagetes are regions in Argentina and Mexico. The flower decorates our gardens all summer long into October. The Tagetes flowers like a sunny spot and a loose, moist soil. They entice slugs and other small garden dwellers.

The Tagetes varieties have a strong fragrance and are therefore also called colorful stinkers in the garden. They are also grown as a crop. You have to water the tagetes often. If you mulch the soil, then these beautiful flowers do not need so much water. With proper care, the Tagetes will decorate your garden into November.

  1. fallopia baldschuanica

Another plant that blooms in autumn: the knotweed. This is a perennial garden plant, its Asian varieties grow up to a few meters a year and can serve as a covering of the facade. Schlingknöterich also thrives in the pot and makes a good figure. If you want a colorful change in your autumnal garden, then you can put on this easy-care and undemanding plant.

the-fallopia baldschuanica-pot-looks-prima of the

Knotback in the pot provides an extra dose of autumnal beauty on the balcony or in the garden

  1. asters

aster-autumn flowers

The Aster exudes elegance and sophistication. Do you agree?


The asters attract the butterflies in autumn

Other classics in the autumnal garden are the asters. They are originally from North America and are now very popular throughout Europe. The asters are like most autumn flowers easy to care for, they need a loose and moist soil. You have to water the flowers often and abundantly. The asters like the autumn sun and thank beautiful flowers. Their splendor adorns the garden until the end of October, just in case the weather plays along.

The petunias must not be missing in any garden, because they are long-term bloomers and can thrive outside until the first frost

thriving-autumn flowers and pumpkins-decorate-the-garden-

Decorate your balcony or garden so that the decoration will make you and your friends happy for the upcoming holidays.

autumn flowers masterfully-arranged

Such a charming autumn floral arrangement immediately attracts everyone’s attention

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