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Bookcases with dual functions – these also serve as bed headboards

It has long been scientifically proven that reading at bedtime calms down. But not only that! It’s creative, it inspires, it broadened the horizon! Yes, that’s just the case, so today we want to deepen the topic of “Reading before sleep” and give you some great tips for your bedroom design.

As you can upgrade your sleeping bed, we have already shown in some articles. You can also find practical ideas for us Furniture made of pallets Find. We also shared great ideas about the headboards. These can be designed in various forms. Be shaped high, wide or oval. In all cases, the fall Headboards Immediately, whenever you enter the bedroom. Today we want to continue this theme and give you new ideas for your DIY projects. Yes, today’s post is about practical tips on how to turn your bedroom into a unique ambience. That sounds a bit complicated, but it’s not that hard. In our picture gallery we present great bedroom designs, where the ordinary bookshelf gets a new function.

This classic bookshelf arranges a few functions. It serves as a headboard on the sleeping bed and separates the sleeping area from the rest of the room.

A sleeping bed made of pallets can easily be built by yourself, and a bookshelf as a headboard!

It serves as a bed headboard and looks great! How can you achieve this simple furniture constellation? It is very easy! Put a bookshelf straight to your bedroom wall, slide your bed against it and Voila! They did it! Now you have a large-looking headboard that also gives you extra storage for all your books, magazines and other reading. The bookshelf is right by your bed, so your favorite books are always at hand. Lying in bed and relaxing or reading something interesting before you sleep and then dreaming! That’s a life! Here we have selected and added some interesting picture examples that clearly show how people took advantage of this clever idea and created bookcases with dual functions in their bedrooms.

An idea for all vintage fans! An old cabinet can also take over this function.

A very creatively designed bookshelf as a bed headboard, which fits perfectly to the blue background.

From short and wide to high and narrow

Do not be distracted or disturbed by the widespread opinion that a bed headboard should have a definite shape. Let your imaginativeness come into play here and try to redesign your bookshelf. It does not have to have the same height and width as a standard bookshelf usually has. But on the contrary! It has to be fancy, even the higher and wider it is, the more meaningful it looks in the bedroom!

Take a look at our picture examples and draw new inspiration for your next DIY project, namely a bookcase with a double function! Is not that cool?

Enjoy the warmth of the wood in your bedroom!

A bookshelf can have different shapes here it is high up to the ceiling and built around the bed against the wall.

A large wall-to-wall bookshelf offers plenty of room for your favorite books

Take advantage of the vertical dimension and build a tall bookshelf behind the sleeping bed

Classic in white and with an open design concept

Wood has a wide range of uses in every room.

Made of recycled wood in vintage style

Create a comfortable, but also practically designed ambience in your bedroom

No real bookshelf, instead of that open books on the wall above the sleeping bed

Do you have enough space to display books and souvenirs here?

The charm of the bookshelf behind the sleeping loft can be visually emphasized by other elements in the room design

Modest and practical are the key words here that best characterize this design

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