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5 plants that improve the air quality in your home

Now you have a good excuse to buy more indoor plants for your home. Just because you do not want to see any pollutants in your house does not mean they are not there. In a recent study, researchers have identified eight common organic compounds (VOCs). These are potentially harmful …

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Pumpkin designs and decoration ideas for Halloween

The horror festival is getting closer. Many of our readers are definitely looking forward to it, some are trying not to think of something terrifying. But whether you are an advocate or an opponent of Halloween, the festival is becoming more and more popular in Germany every year. That’s why …

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Halloween decoration for home and garden

Tips and tricks for your Halloween decoration indoors and outdoors, in case you are not one of them counting passionate fans of the horror festival Halloween is a popular festival worldwide these days, it is especially popular in the US. It does, however, look back to ancient traditions whose origins …

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Gorgeous cut flowers delight the eye and soul

Beautiful, fresh cut flowers in finely designed vases are an absolute eye-catcher at home Delicate pink roses in stacked ceramic cups immediately attract attention Every season, beautiful flowers in all flower shops impress us. Many people are often tempted to take a few home with them. And that is perfectly …

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Autumn decoration at home

Autumn is here and impresses us with the new with beautiful colors and shapes. Like no other season, autumn offers us almost unlimited scope for decorating your home and letting the autumnal mood flow through all the rooms. How to do that, we’ll show you right away! Festively decorated table …

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13 wall decoration ideas for the home

Everyone Residents want to leave their mark in their own home and personalize their interior as interesting as possible. Unless you live for rent. The tenants are constantly confronted with many restrictions. But there are clever ways to make the walls of the apartment look more beautiful. Our wall deco …

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