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10 Ideas for DIY gift baskets that bring great joy to Christmas

Homemade treats we presented in pretty, ready-to-use packages. Christmas is getting closer and we are all seized by the sweet Christmas fever! The special Christmas decoration, the gifts for friends and families, the festive menu …. Everything has to be right, so it would be wise to prepare for it …

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What does it mean to be a DIYer?

Many people today prefer to do all the manual work at home, instead of buying what they need in expensive shops. They prefer to trust their own hands. Even in complicated jobs, they are more likely to call a neighbor or friend to help craft a new garage door and …

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Great basket of seaweed with DIY colorful tassels

The wicker baskets have established themselves very strongly in the interior design in recent years and this is no coincidence. You can choose among many shapes and colors, they always look nice and natural, they are practical and functional. The wicker baskets are the ideal storage for blankets and pillows, …

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Making a DIY string lamp for your garden

Exceptional lamp designs cost a lot of money. If you still want to get a very special luminaire, you can rely on your own project with available tools. We guide you through the making of a DIY rope lamp. Materials: Rubber ball in any size String or rope Decoupage – …

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DIY Ideas with Europallets – Build bed headboard yourself

Are you always looking for trendy design ideas? You have certainly heard about the europallets and their numerous interior design applications. In this article, we’ll look at it and show you some ideas on how to easily create your own headboard in a short time. This type of headboard is …

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The sleeping cushions by TEMPUR

Today we want to present you the sleeping cushions of TEMPUR. They improve your sleeping position at night, prevent snoring and ensure better sleep. The ergonomic design, together with the effect of the TEMPUR material, relaxes and supports your neck and back. The ergonomic products are made in Denmark and …

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