Interior Styles 2017

Trends are finding their way into all sorts of areas of life: fashion, nutrition, fitness – and also living. Furniture, wallpaper and fabrics adapt to the time and taste and are constantly changing. Often, trends from the USA or Scandinavia also come to Germany with a time delay. If you …

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Living room furniture with exposed brick wall

If you leaf through design magazines, you will surely discover many great living room designs with exposed or decorative brick walls. There are several good reasons for this from a practical as well as an aesthetic point of view. If you have a brick wall anyway, you do not need …

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Ideas for warm color design in the kitchen

Warm colors such as fiery red, juicy orange or sunny yellow bring an original, fun-loving atmosphere to your kitchen, create a feeling of well-being and relax. The colors can be combined to suit any interior style. The possibilities are undoubtedly numerous, almost endless. Even if you want to design the …

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30 wonderful ideas for the nursery

If you feel it is up to you to refurbish or refurbish a nursery, you must first work out a firm plan on how to get the design you want. It’s best to create a to-do list and complete each step by step. Think well about your concept and what …

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Modern dining room

Hand on heart! Let’s be completely honest and say it clearly: the modern man needs a modern apartment. And where do we prefer to spend our time at home? Most people would respond – in the kitchen! Yes, not the living room, but a spacious dining room with kitchen are …

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