Farm-style bathrooms offer freshness and serenity

The bathroom is no longer just a small space for personal hygiene and body care. Now it is usually accepted as a cozy ambience, where you always find pure relaxation, successful stress reduction and inner harmony. As in all other rooms at home, there are numerous possibilities and limitless ideas …

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5 ways a pleat can change your space

Window decoration is always such a thing. At some point you realize that you are not quite satisfied with its combination of roman shade and curtain or classic curtain and loop scarf. Too much, too old-fashioned and not really practical. Generally, window decoration always seems to be just one of …

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For more light and luxury at home and in the office

Nowadays, everything in our everyday life is developing very fast and dynamically. The rapid technical progress also requires new aesthetics. Thus, the modern man strives for an appealing ambience, where he works and lives. That means he places as high demands on the interior design as in the office. It …

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