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Design garden paths – tricks of garden design

A garden without garden paths? Of course, something like that would be impossible! Because in every outdoor area are objects that you want to reach often, some even daily. That is, a garden path has purely practical functions and allows us to connect from point A to point B. In …

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5 lucky charms among the houseplants

Are there any lucky charms among indoor plants? Yes, that might sound superstitious to many people, but why should we react spontaneously and deny it? A large group of hobby gardeners even claim that they feel happy with their great indoor plants. No one can deny it, the house plants …

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Feng Shui in the garden

The topic Feng Shui is very exciting and inexhaustible. So far, we have focused on the interiors of the house. Now it is time to take the garden under the pulpit and make it so that the chi can flow freely and harmoniously. As you strengthen the positive forces in …

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Step by step to the balanced garden

The Feng Shui bagua in the garden The bagua grid is a Feng Shui instrument that helps to optimize the flow of energy in the home or garden so that the energy can flow freely. The bagua has 9 zones or 9 areas of life that can be activated or …

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Winter-proof garden flowers that survive the cold well

It is cold outside and our gardens and balcony have lost their flowers. For many garden flowers and plants is now the absolute rest period. But the gardeners are considering their new planting strategies. That’s why we want to help all flower lovers today and show some winter hardy garden …

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