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Blossom festival with onion flowers

Onion flowers are the stars in the spring garden. With their splendor of color and abundance of flowers, they enchant in beds and pots and find a good place even in the smallest garden as well as on the balcony and terrace. In October, the planting time of these true …

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Important practical tips for planting bulbous flowers

A colorful flowerbed or a beautifully decorated balcony make for a very special experience in the warm season. So that you succeed, Plant bulbs properly, so that they then shine in their full splendor next spring, please note the following: When buying onion flowers please make sure that the onions …

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Natural pond makes your garden oasis complete

Many people have a beautiful house with a well-tended garden landscape, where everything is embedded in greenery and smells magnificent flowers for months. Yes, but this idyll in the open is in many cases not complete, because there is something special missing. To round off the garden oasis, you need …

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Modern garden furniture

Thankfully, most apartments in every major city have a balcony. That makes their tenants and owners happy. And lucky ones live in the countryside, where they have a little house with a garden! Yes, if you can call your own balcony or garden these days, it will bring you thousands …

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10 ideas for your dinette outdoors

It is midsummer and we all want to spend as much time outdoors as possible, admiring the green surroundings and recharge our vitality directly from nature. So that you have unforgettable experiences outside the four walls, we want to give you some inspiration today, how to design a cozy outdoor …

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10 cool ideas for your flower container in the garden

Beautiful flowers in containers, pots or pots decorate your sun terrace, the house entrance or yard Various types of flowers in Elegant flower containers always attract attention, because they bring more color to the outdoors and spread numbing aromas. If skillfully combined, they can please your eyes and soul all …

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