DIY – the multiplication table for all work in the house and garden

” Philosophers and homeowners always have repairs “Wilhelm Busch (1832-1908) German writer, painter and draftsman Certainly, the popular German writer Wilhelm Busch was perfectly right to assert the quoted above. Although life has changed enormously, his words are still valid and accurate today. Modern man constantly strives to create sublime …

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Advertising made with competence and passion

The latest technologies and the resulting innovations already affect many aspects of our dynamic everyday life, have even changed or redefined them. Anyone who wants to be successful today must not remain passive. But on the contrary. He has to work well, maintain good contacts and actively present himself on …

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Shield electrosmog – live healthy, live radiation-free!

There could hardly be anyone who has not heard of electrosmog. All media are constantly informing us about the danger that comes from electromagnetic radiation. Some fear makers even refer to electro smog as the “new plague of modern society”. This is considered as a result of the super-developed, digital …

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Print USB sticks and use as a great advertising gifts

Our super modern present is characterized by more and more great and useful innovations, which quickly become part of our daily lives. Now it has come so far that they simply can not be ignored. Modern man is increasingly confronted with new challenges and must necessarily keep pace with the …

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The design table football as a gift idea

We all know it: Sometimes it’s really hard to pick the right gift for the man. You have to pay attention to many criteria and know exactly the interests and preferences of your loved one. Even for the best friend or your own father it is often not so easy …

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