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Gorgeous accent pieces for the living room

In the living room you spend most of the time, so it should be funktonal and comfortable. No matter if the focus is on the home entertainment system or on the recreation area, you should highlight an accent point of the room. Sometimes that happens, for example if they have …

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The seating has always been an integral part of the home design, providing warmth and coziness. The idea of ​​the comfortable sofa at home gives us strength during the day, while our faithful friend, the armchair, invites us to watch TV, read or listen to music. Modern decor in a …

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Show me your living room, and I’ll tell you who you are! The living room is the part of our apartment that reflects our taste and our worldview. The yearning for lightness, space and casual gathering made us tear down the walls between the kitchen and the living room and …

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Scandinavian design in the interior

The best way to turn your home into an even more attractive and challenging place is to use Scandinavian design. One should consider mainly the wall and ceiling colors. It is desirable to have different shades of white, but you could choose a different color or combine two colors. The …

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