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Clever ideas for your nursery design

The furnishing and entire interior design of a children’s room are always a real challenge for the parents. In their effort to make the most of their small treasures, some adults over-exaggerate with individual design elements, while others quickly have or want to furnish the room, neglecting important pieces of furniture. In both cases, the final result is unsatisfactory and therefore does not meet the needs of the little ones.

If you are looking for a nursery or you want to redesign the realm of your children, you have come to the right place. We have some handy tips for you to help you avoid any mistakes in your nursery design.


A stylishly designed nursery is the dream of many parents

Design a consistent design concept before you get started!

Look at the room calmly and decide what you could place on the given surface. Be sure to consider what would be necessary and what might be missing. The guide to the nursery furniture is always to be determined in advance. In practical terms, most parents choose to create a cozy space for their little ones, where they can let off steam, develop their creativity and rest. It is easier said than done. Because depending on the living space of the nursery, the parents must try to design different areas. It would be ideal if the children have a sleeping corner, where they can retire and enjoy a peaceful sleep. You also need a play area where they like to make things, get creative, play with their friends and so on. And we all know that the needs of adolescent children are changing fast, so there’s plenty of room for change in interior design. And do not forget that the whole project is totally creative and offers you many different design possibilities. You just have to use them properly!

multifunctional and-kunterbunt-sees-the-nursery-out

Multifunctional and colorful the nursery looks like!

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Create a cozy ambience for your little ones, where they can develop harmoniously

Nursery furniture – the nuts and bolts of the nursery design

In the search for the right furniture for the nursery, parents are confronted with various problems and aspects of nursery design. The requirements for children’s furniture are growing every day. Timeless and reserved, there is no such thing, such furniture is already a thing of the past. In a modernly furnished children’s room, the furniture must also be modern, multifunctional and colorful, so that they serve the little ones properly, give them daily joy and inspire them to creative thinking. Better to rely on furniture made of light wood, because these are the best setting for other colorful design elements in the small kingdom of your children. White is always a good choice, because the color is not intrusive and can mate perfectly with all other shades. Many modern designers and interior decorators recommend wax-up and expandable system furniture that could be easily modified as needed. But we would add something else. We are firmly convinced that every nursery should have its own atmosphere. There, the furniture must be child-friendly or otherwise written they must be multifunctional and easy-care, stable and childproof, without edges, corners and other dangerous design elements, because the safety of our little ones is always our highest priority. Every piece of furniture has to be elegantly inscribed in the interior of the nursery. Just do not believe this is a difficult task! On the contrary, and we can prove it right away. We have an extra tip for you in this regard! Get a comfortable children’s sofa for the little ones’ living area, where you and the children can relax together, read fairy tales or simply chat together. You can find great offers on www.livingo.de who definitely deserve your attention. Enjoy together with your children the cosiness of a children’s sofa, which quickly turns into the undisputed eye-catcher in the children’s room. So you have a piece of furniture that young and old alike like!

children sofa

Such a children’s sofa soon turns into the favorite spot of your little ones

forget-it-the-interior design-non-SUFFICIENT-bin-in-nursery-to-plan-in

Do not forget when designing your room to plan enough storage space in the nursery

one-child-sofa-is-the-perfect-losung-even-for-the-baby room

A children’s sofa is the perfect solution for the baby’s room

Set up the nursery with attention to detail!

It is beyond doubt that most parents make the space for your children lovable and imaginative. We can only guess: try to make everything in a beautiful color harmony. Subtle background colors can be enhanced by interesting color accents, small decorative items can be distributed here and there and serve as great eye-catcher. Or would you prefer to use colorful wallpapers or wall tattoos? There are no limits to your creativity and ingenuity! Important is only the final result. And this should be a comfortable nursery, where your little ones feel comfortable and like to stay and where your imagination is gently stimulated. All these are important prerequisites for the good physical and mental development of children. And you can secure them, right?

We wish you that too!

subtle-colored Rays-gemutlichkeit-and-rest-of

Discreet colors exude cosiness and tranquility

set-it-a-cozy corner-game-for-your-little-one

Create a comfortable play area for your little ones

a-comfortable-sofa-child brings many-plus-points-for-their-nursery facility-with

A comfortable children’s sofa brings many pluses for your nursery furniture

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