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Clever tips for a cozy atmosphere at home

“At home – a cozy place, a beautiful living space, in addition a sweet word, that is the dream of man”

The well-known German writer and journalist Horst Rehmann has expressed this wonderfully: sometimes you do not really need much to be happy. Today we want to start from his lines and show you that a cozy home should not just be an unfulfilled dream. Nowadays it is important for everyone to enjoy a calming atmosphere at home. Everyone wants to relax there after a hard day and recharge their batteries. Your own four walls must now be a synonym for coziness and comfort, where everyone finds well-being and emotional harmony. In our contribution today we want to give you useful information about how to turn your home after a long and hard winter into a place of wellbeing. These are actually little tricks that we often neglect, but which are crucial for the coziness in our very private kingdom.

Design your home so that you really enjoy every minute of it

  • The motto is now: tidy up and clean up!

Outside, the sun is shining through the clouds more often, and with the beautiful spring weather our mood is improving. But do not be tempted to take long walks in the park! Just roll up your sleeves and get to work, because the time has come for a thorough spring cleaning at home! But before you start, you must make a to-do list. It is best to write down all the rooms, such as neglected areas and corners, which need to be cleaned at all costs. Kitchen and bathroom are particularly hard-hit places at home, so they deserve more attention, which means a lot of trouble cleaning up. Our tip is : Use pleasantly scented house cleaners or rather put on homemade ones. If you no longer like the interior design of your living room, bedroom or children’s room or if you find it outdated, spring is the best time for a renovation there. Redecorate the walls, definitely in bright colors, get new furniture or replace the old ones and you will be pleasantly surprised by the rapid transformation of the ambience. With your spring cleaning the hall must not be forgotten. Even when you enter your home you get the first impression of your own four walls. That’s why it’s important that every family member, friend or guest gets into a clean, well-organized and welcoming atmosphere. Then the feeling of well-being comes by itself.

Extra tip : Do not allow a few small things to make your home ugly or make it look messy. Take it right away the necessary measures !

In the hall you get the first impression of your home, so he always has to be tidy and inviting

Small things sometimes have a big impact

  • Get the spring home!

Even on the first days of April you can already feel the spring everywhere. Outside, the first springbugs look up from the ground, colorful hyacinths exude their bewitching fragrance in the air, tulips enchant us with their elegance and colourfulness. These natural beauties can be introduced to your interior with clever tricks and admired for days or even months. Our tip is now : decorate your home with spring flowers! In vases, pots or flower boxes outside on the balcony or terrace, the seasonal flowers complete your ambience, making it pleasant and inviting. In addition, spring branches and flowers smell so beautiful that one immediately thinks of the winter awakening of nature and agrees positively.

Blossoming spring branches and fresh scents are now a must at home

Beautiful daffodils and other spring flowers make the balcony a feel-good place!

Decorate your balcony with matching spring flowers in beautiful pots, bring the table and the chairs outside and spend now longer time in the fresh air. At home you can do a lot to bring spring into your own four walls. For example, you can choose new bedding in pastel colors and floral patterns and enjoy complete relaxation in your bedroom. Rather, prefer bright shades for the living room design and put a few splashes of color as accents. Magnificent spring flowers or flowering branches, throw pillows in fresh shades or matching wall decoration are now welcome in every room. Do not forget the room lighting, because this can skilfully put something special out of your interior in scene.

A chic arc lamp accentuates the sublimity and elegance of your home design

Spoil yourself with wonderful spring scents and massage oils!

Thoroughly cleanse the bath and get new scented candles and scent sticks for your very own relaxation zone. Which flavor do you prefer – lilac, lavender or jasmine? Maybe a fresh scent combination could make your bathroom shine in a whole new light, right? Welcome spring and give you plenty of opportunities to turn your home into a beautiful living environment.

We wish you a lot of fun!

Scented candles, mild aromatic soap and fresh flowers transform your bathroom into your personal spa oasis!

Establish with attention to detail

On this simple but tastefully designed balcony you could forget the time!

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