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Colorful Easter eggs – a festive table decoration and wonderful decoration for Easter

There could be no Easter without colored eggs! Easter eggs are the traditional jewelry for Easter. For centuries they are the eternal symbols of Easter next to the Easter bunny and chicks. The toddlers are taught that the Easter bunny brings the colorful eggs and hides them in the grass. Therefore, the little ones like to look for the hidden eggs outside in the garden! And if they find one, they are very happy! So that you prepare well for the coming Easter, we have put together a picture gallery for you today. The photos show different techniques of painting and decorating the eggs. In addition, you can continue to research the Internet and find numerous variants, with detailed instructions on how to decorate your eggs for a big party.

The colorful Easter eggs are the eternal symbols of Easter.

Colorful colored Easter eggs and beautiful flowering spring branches make up the Easter decoration.

In many European countries hard-boiled eggs are dyed, painted and decorated with different motifs. This is not about consumption, but much more about the symbolism of Easter eggs. Depending on the Christian tradition, they are associated with the resurrection of Christ. In every family colorful eggs are prepared for the festival. Many of them are given to friends and relatives, some remain as decoration on the Easter table. As festive jewelry, the colored eggs are very popular, because it can create great arrangements. Often you combine the Easter eggs with flowering spring branches and get a real eye-catcher. In an Easter basket or a beautiful bowl you can lay down the colorful eggs and decorate them with some artificial grass. They always look beautiful because they carry the spirit of Easter.

Arranged in the Easter basket on artificial grass

Or in a silver bowl

To decorate the hard-boiled or blown-out chicken eggs, there are various methods that all lead to beautiful results. Painting the eggs is the oldest and most widely used technique. There is still the batik technique, scratching and etching techniques. Of course, your creativity is always in demand and some hand skills. Then everything works fine.

The batik technique is very popular when decorating Easter eggs

Wrapped in jute – so you can create unique items

Colorful and beautifully patterned eggs are the traditional table decoration at Easter. In order to be able to create a true characterful decoration, it would be advisable to know the symbolism of the colors better. The Easter custom states that the first egg should be red, it symbolizes the blood of Christ. Red easter eggs should not be missing at the banquet table, because it encodes the deep meaning of Easter. Then the eggs can still be colored in money, so they symbolize the desire for new knowledge and wisdom. The green eggs signify innocence, the white ones mean purity and those in orange nuances symbolize perseverance, strength and ambition. Do you have that in mind when you dye the eggs to the feast. In addition, you can make your Easter eggs look even more interesting if you add some gold or silver gloss to the colors. Then they will glitter easily and attract the attention of young and old alike.

Something glittering, right?

And finally our extra tip: To create a really charming Easter decoration, we advise you to make a beautiful Easter bouquet. Take some birch branches and decorate them in a vase of brightly colored eggs. This will be your definitive highlight in your Easter decoration at home!

Have fun with egg painting and a nice Easter, we wish you!

The colorful easter eggs are traditionally staked in the grass

In the garden the children should look for the colored eggs

With beautiful stamps in the egg box

How to dye and decorate your eggs for Easter is up to you.

In delicate pastel colors, the Easter eggs are real eye-catchers

Funny Easter decoration in eggcups

Paint spring flowers on Easter eggs and create eye-catcher

Admire further ideas with colorful and beautifully decorated Easter eggs and let yourself be inspired for your Easter decorations at home!

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