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Cool & Stylish – Tropical leaves in the interior

The tropical style is back in, he is even now the latest craze in fashion and interior design. Without hesitation, you can use tropical motifs when setting up and decorating at home. In almost every form and color tropical elements are currently in demand. There are many options available, but the exotic magic of the tropical leaves seems to be quite high on the list of possibilities. Decorating a room appearance with tropical leaves can be hard to beat. To convince you, we have put together some great picture examples that say enough.

Wall murals with tropical patterns


Bring a tin of exoticism in your four walls!

wall design-in-tropical-leafing

This wall design in tropical leaves can simply enchant you!

This dark and bold print shows that tropical leaf decor does not necessarily have to be bright and colorful. However, you can set the ambience fine and stylish and put through this fancy wall wallpaper a strong accent in the room.

Tropical print on deco pillow

leafing with tropical-deco-cushion-

Only a decorative cushion decorated with tropical leaves can refresh the ambience.


Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the tropical freshness

A creative way to introduce some leaf patterns into your interior design is to imitate the following idea: hand-paint tropical leaves on a few throw pillows and you’ll create just that look. The designs are undeniably cool and fresh and will spice up your interior immediately.

Classic armchair with tropical leaves on the upholstery


Classic look with tropical motifs – a strange but interesting combination


The chair legs in gold are like the icing on the cake

We often write about classical music in all its forms in interior design. This Victorian style armchair is just great! It has been breathed new life just with the upholstery in white and different shades of green. The tropical leaves on it look especially fresh and charming.

Throw pillows for the couch

tropical-blatter-and-bleed pillows

We just love these throw pillows and they are our undisputed favorite! You too?

These throw pillows in tropical patterns are the real eye-catcher on the bright couch. You can not go wrong with these. On the contrary – just give your interior an exotic touch!

shower curtain

shower curtain-tropical-deco

Bathe like in the tropics!

Even in the bathroom you can bring something exotic, with a matching shower curtain. You have some models to choose from.



Do you want to sit on tropical leaves?

This ottoman is so gorgeous that it looks irresistible. Everyone wants to sit on it! It’s the perfect way to add some color to your living room.

wall clock

leafing with-fine-tropical-wall-clock-

Stylish and attractively beautiful – all this fits with this wall clock with fine tropical leaves

A wall clock is and always will be a great decorative element. But this one in the picture is very special because it unites color and pattern without being noticeable. Even the frame can be changed according to your wish!

bed runner

laufer bed-in-tropical-colored

A bed runner in tropical colors and patterns refreshes the look in the bedroom

I hope you do not have a monotonous or colorless, even boring bedroom? But if that’s true of you, you may not know how to add color to the interior. The easiest way to visually refresh your bedroom is this bed runner in tropical colors and patterns. It is the ideal way to achieve the tropical look in this ambience. In addition, it can be easily removed if you do not find this bed runner any more beautiful.

wall Stickers

wall, wallpaper-with-the-exotic-leafing

The wall stickers are the alternative to the wall wallpaper with the exotic leaves

These palm leaves are the perfect wall decoration if you want to decorate your home in a tropical style. They are easily removable and you can have as many wall tattoos as you like. They are a good alternative to wall paper with tropical leaves.
So, there are many ways to decorate your own four walls in tropical style and exactly with tropical leaf patterns. Which do you want to try?

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