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Country-style terrace design – bring a piece of nature to your patio

Here on our website we have already given numerous tips on how to effectively reduce the stress of everyday life. Today we want to continue the theme and show you how you can recover at home and recharge your batteries. To escape the city life a bit, you need one well designed terrace which offers you possibilities for full relaxation and total shutdown. If you have a cozy terrace to your own house, you can count yourself as lucky. But only one small balcony to the apartment, may not hang his head under any circumstances. No matter how big or small, balconies and terraces are the perfect opportunity for us all to spend time in the fresh air. And if you still want to feel the nature up close, then we can only give you one Terrace design in country style recommend. So you can easily bring a piece of nature on your terrace!

In the midst of a green garden landscape your terrace looks like an oasis of peace and serenity

Terrace design in country style is in principle not an easy task. Before you even start your project, you must first research, find many design ideas and adapt them to your personal needs and preferences. Besides, it has to be said right away that you should also plan for the long term. Because even Rome was not built in a day. When planning ahead, you’ll also need to consider the location and orientation of your deck, as these are particularly important for the whole deck design. Also try to determine the function of this outdoor area as early as possible, because the whole decor and decoration depend on it. In order to assist you in this pre-planning phase, we only want to pay attention to small details. For example, many people think a South Terrace would be the best. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, because in summer the sun shines there very strong and that is in most cases bad for your flowers and green plants. And can you imagine a country-style terrace without much greenery? We do not! So, do not be disturbed by the layout and direction of your patio when designing your layout, so try to make the best out of the space available to you to ensure yourself peace and serenity outside.

On your country house terrace you can have sun and shade and fully enjoy it

  • Natural materials are announced here!

The construction and design of a country-style patio is usually based on high quality natural materials. Here are mainly stable, resistant wood and natural stone in question. Both raw materials are perfect for any terrace design with rural flair and emphasize the close contact with nature. Garden furniture made of pallets or an outdoor set made of solid wood are in the right place here. They offer you the desired outdoor comfort when eating or during your daily rest outdoors. A wooden roof will protect you from the hot sun. A stone or brick wall offers you the perfect privacy from prying eyes. These can then be additionally decorated with colorful flowers, climbing plants or even with a vertical garden , All this helps to make you feel comfortable and reserved on your rustic terrace. This is the best place to relax, right?

A stone or brick wall in visual harmony with the main building protects your privacy

  • Decorate and express your own creativity

Everyone wants to enhance the overall look of their patio or porch, but sometimes they do not know exactly how to do it. How can help here again with practical tips: First, design an entire design project for the decoration on your terrace and use it step by step. Here you have many things to think through carefully. For example, you can cleverly choose a sunny place for your outdoor dining table and design a comfortable sitting area there. A parasol or awning would be quite appropriate and in the summer excellent for protection against the strong sun rays serve. If you have enough space and tall trees on your rustic terrace, you could hang a hammock there. This ensures many relaxing hours, alone or in close circle of friends. With an exciting book in hand or at your garden party, you can relax in a hammock and completely forget the stress of everyday life. When decorating, do not forget the little things, because they often have the most charm in them. You may also want to consider a few throw pillows or maybe a colorful rug in this regard.

Simple design and southern comfort for your oasis of well-being outdoors

  • A sea of ​​flowers, greenery and the right garden lighting will give your terrace the necessary dose of rural flair

But when it comes to patio decoration beautiful flowers, evergreen plants and shrubs are not only hot on the country house terrace, we can say that they are a must! Only plan their implantation and / or placement carefully and carefully, because “the green jewelry” on your country house terrace needs some time, and to show its splendor. But over the years he is getting more and more beautiful! You can put some flowerpots in the spotlight so that they attract attention. The country-style terrace, embedded in greenery, always looks very tempting and invites you to spend relaxing hours there. Here you will find on the hot summer days and evenings enough shade and lots of freshness. Let yourself over beautiful garden flowers and inform you about plants that you can use in your rustic terrace design. More info can always help, never hurt!

This sun terrace in country house style snuggles into the garden green and invites you to spend pleasant hours outdoors

A fire bowl, a few lanterns and cuddly blankets and soft cushions create a cozy atmosphere in the evening, where you can spend hours

The role of lighting in the garden or on the terrace has increased in recent years, because you do not want to give up the desired comfort from the outside. These outdoor areas give us a wonderful opportunity to be in the fresh air at home and at the same time outside. A open hearth , Lanterns and other stylish lighting materials accentuate the rural flair. Therefore, one always tries to use them so that they serve as an eye-catcher in the garden. For your cozy hours on the terrace in the country house style still vintage lanterns and candlelight are recommended, so the atmosphere in the evening seems even more romantic. That could be of great benefit to you!

So, the time to act has come! Follow our clever design ideas and practical tips and create the most beautiful terrace in the country house style, which expresses your creativity and individuality perfectly! We want to wish that to you!

Grasses, oleanders and a garden pool complete the look of your country-style terrace

Seating furniture made of pallets is a successful solution for your rustic terrace

If you like it quite rustic ………… ..

The terrace design in country style show your style and taste

Pure relaxation and beautiful views – that’s what you call 100 percent relaxation

Plastered walls with traces of old times are part of the terrace design in country house style

Rustic terrace design can be spiced up with comfortable outdoor furniture

Sit in front of the fireplace and spend many relaxing hours there! Everyone wants to have a country-style patio, right?

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