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Crafting ideas for a Christmas wreath in the rural style

Christmas wreath in the rural style looks good not only in a remote from the city place! He can also fulfill a modern apartment with just the right festive spirit. For at this time of year and during this festival, we somehow care more about the customs that are transmitted from generation to generation. Where are they better preserved than in rural areas?

Silver touches

christmas wreath-yourself-tinker

White and silver decorate the green Christmas wreath

Make a Christmas wreath with silver elements, with eucalyptus twigs in it, then you will reach both a rural feeling, as well as create a suitable decoration even for the most modern apartment.

A punch of fruits

beautiful-christmas decorations-ideas-weihnachtskranz

Many fresh fruits can decorate your Christmas wreath and make it even more attractive

Which fruits would you take for your Christmas punch? The same can also be used for a Christmas wreath. Here is a concrete idea: Combine red apples, other fruits in this color, cones, nuts and other brown natural materials. This mixture is best displayed on a green base!
Wreath of artificial fruits
The Christmas wreath can symbolize the desire for a fruitful harvest next year. It can only consist of fruits. But to keep this DIY work longer, the fruits should be artificial.

So summery

turkranz-christmas-christmas wreath

Add a summery touch to the Christmas decoration

The green-red combination is firmly anchored in our consciousness as something that belongs to Christmas. This impression is even stronger when we have a wreath. However, you can also complement this color combination with summery motifs. What do you think of a green leaves base with roses on it? Distribute some artificial forest fruits in between for an even better effect.

pink-craft ideas-xmas-yet-tur

Which season do we have right now? Roses for a romantic touch in December

Pine cones under a snow coat

christmas wreath-decorated

Pine cones decorated with a white spray

For crafting your rural Christmas wreath, just a few pine cones and a white spray that imitates snow suffice. He looks very noble and at the same time a bit rustic in combination with a glass candlestick or a cup. Emphasize its frosty beauty through some selected accents in red.

Green, blue and pink

weihnachtsdeko-yourself-making christmas wreath-tinker

Pink and blue on green background – modern and striking

Make a Christmas wreath in green, blue and pink if you want to combine rural aesthetics with mysticism. Use as many nuances as possible. Suitable for this are again the artificial fruits or some real natural gifts, which are found in the winter forest or park.

Vintage nuances

craft ideas-christmas-christmas wreath

Vintage touches are still in! Also at the Christmas wreaths!

Of the Christmas wreath can also have a vintage character. All you have to do is take a few pale shades of the already familiar colors. Many green leaves have to offer such.
We hope you enjoy crafting your rural Christmas wreath and have a nice party!

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