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Cyclamen make us happy in winter

Cyclamen are undoubtedly one of the most popular indoor plants of the Germans. They are true classics that charm us even in gray winters and ensure our good mood.
The winter is gray with us, dreary and snowy, there are icy roads all over the country and all this lowers our mood barometer according to the outside temperatures. That’s why it would be smart to introduce a bit more color into the interior. The tender cyclamen are excellent for this. They have a long flowering period, from September to April and delight the eye and soul with their delicate flowers. They come in many shapes and colors, but the most popular are those in red, pink and white. But there are those in other pastel shades that are just as beautiful.

Pots cyclamen bright pink pink snowman - christmas decoration

Real beauties in the dreary winter

Many hobby gardeners think the care of cyclamen is not for everyone. There they are completely wrong! Because these beautiful houseplants are not demanding. They like a light and cool location because direct sunlight does not do them any good. The room temperature should be between 12 and 15 degrees C and they feel great there. For your cyclamen, choose a suitable place in the bedroom or in the bright hall, where it is not very warm. But do not put the pots on the windowsill, because it would be too hot for them. In their flowering time, the cyclamen need a lot of water, so they have to be watered constantly. Here is caution announced! Because the tubers of these delicate houseplants do not want to get water directly. So pour some stale water in the coaster, which is much better. Avoid any root rot, as it is devastating to the cyclamen. It is also recommended to fertilize the winter beauties once every two weeks.

bleed basket-cyclamen-tender-pink

Despite cold and frost outside, the cool winter beauties thrive wonderfully indoors, at moderate room temperatures.

Christmas Decorations alpenveilchen

In their care, the cyclamen are a bit tricky, but if you follow certain rules, they please us for months with their beautiful flowers.

And if you still can not think of anything to give your grandma, mom or best friend for Christmas, here is our tip: Prepare your loved one a lot of fun and give a beautifully decorated pot of cyclamen! This is always a nice gesture, which is highly appreciated. Because flowers express our true feelings, right?


Flowers say more than a thousand words

cyclamen-red Christmas-decorated-tap-woven basket

A beautiful gift idea for Christmas – Give joy and make a loved one happy!

A pot of tender cyclamen can be integrated into your Christmas decoration and you immediately get a great eye-catcher in the room!
Take a look at our next pictures and get warm and happy!
We wish you a Merry Christmas!


White, delicate flowers, white candles! The beauty knows no limits!


The cyclamen are always a great eye-catcher in the room!

gift ideas Red-alpenveilchen

Give joy and cheerfulness!

setting-ceramic-pot-purple cyclamen

Classic winter potted plants that like it cool.

red cyclamen-geschenkidee-topping

The room temperature must be moderate – 12 to 15 degrees C, then the cyclamen thrive

bright-pink-tenderness-pur-woven basket-over-pot cyclamen

This wintry beauty does not like being sprayed directly

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