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Design the hallway: Achieve maximum functionality by following the rules below

The corridor design is crucial for the first impression of our home on the visitors. The hall actually determines our mood and attitude towards our own home. The functionality and the appealing aesthetic appearance should therefore not be underestimated here.

Even in the smallest room an attractive hall design could be achieved. We will bring you closer to this goal in the next lines.

A clothes rack as a main feature in the minimalist hallway

If you have enough storage space in the house, then you should make the hallway as minimalist as possible. Bring everything away, which does not necessarily have to be here. Choose a beautiful clothes rack and let it serve as the centerpiece in the hallway. So you will feel relaxation and comfort as soon as you enter your home.

Glass furniture makes the small hallway look wider

Integrate as many glass furniture as possible in the hallway. So you have plenty of storage space, characterful design of the room will nevertheless remain visually very wide.

Made to measure shoe cabinets lead to the best use of space

The usual shoe cabinets could be too wide for the small hallway. If the room is too tight anyway, this becomes a real problem. Do not settle for these circumstances and have custom-made shoe cabinets made. With it you can make the best of tricky corners and niches.

Multi-function facilities are welcome design solutions in the small hallway

In the narrow corridor, as in any narrow space, multifunctional furniture is in demand. For example, the mirror frame may also have handles for hanging up jackets. The cabinet may contain elements that are also used as seating and storage area.

Interesting shapes in the wall design in the hallway

Shelves, wall designs and cabinets can have a fancy, ornate design. So they contribute not only functional, but also aesthetically to the best possible use of the hallway. There are modern solutions that can make your wall almost an art installation.

With wallpaper leftovers or old newspapers you can create a unique wall in the hallway

Artful lighting is a must in the small hallway

Keep everything simple and decorate the interior with a spectacular chandelier. He could correspond with the style of the interior. So you tell your guests that you have a good taste and that your home has become a real home for you.

Interesting floor design provides more dynamic in the visual image of the hallway

Sometimes everything in the hall fits in with the dimensions, but it just looks boring. If you are a person of characterful design, then you are certainly not satisfied with these circumstances. There is a simple solution: make something more out of the floor design.

A hallway without a mirror? Impossible! Therefore, set interesting mirror effects in the hallway!

The mirror belongs to the hallway. If you can not do without it anyway, try to make the most of its impact. You can position the mirror so that you spread the natural light (if there is access to it). Or you can twofold increase the effect of an interesting object in the corridor. So you can position the mirror opposite an interesting piece of art, the original wardrobe or a special-looking shelf.

Sufficient daylight and artificial lighting in the hall clever combine

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