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Feng Shui in the entrance – the hallway

It is worth planning the design of the entrance area to create a pleasant atmosphere there. The stress of everyday life will fall off when entering the house, if the design of the hallway conveys a cozy, open and friendly sense of space.

A hallway should therefore be clearly structured and designed to be open and friendly. As with all Feng Shui areas, the rule of thumb is: order and cleanliness. It is particularly important when the hall is used as a storage space for various everyday objects such as vacuum cleaners or beverage crates. These should best be stored neatly in closed cabinets. Shoes, bags and coats, unread post and other trifles should either be presented in an original way or find their place in cupboards and drawers.

The lighting in the hall should be bright and friendly. With light accents you can achieve much and create comfort in the hallway. Crystal chandeliers are also ideal because they attract and condense the chi. Through clever lighting, one can influence the flow of chi in a long and narrow corridor, which is unfavorable in Feng Shui.

Direct entrance door back door or entrance door window lines are also considered unfavorable because the chi that comes in to the front door can not collect and disperse, but runs right out the back door / window. To avoid this, you can use a beautiful screen or curtain as well as plants, home accessories and lighting effects that divert the view from the back door / window.

If a guest toilet is located opposite the front door, its door should always remain closed and made as inconspicuous as possible. Very unfavorable is a mirror that hangs in the hallway directly opposite the front door, because it reflects the energy immediately out of the apartment. Sharp edges pointing directly to the center of the door also interfere with the incoming chi and should be softened by plants or softly flowing cloths.

In the color choice in the hallway you can not go wrong with bright, friendly or fresh colors. Plants, beautiful pictures and decorative objects will make the hall inviting and comfortable, so they are always a good choice.

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