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Find the right flooring for the dining room

Would you like to make your dining area more comfortable? Do you want to bring more warmth into this ambience and at the same time have modern design? In our picture gallery we show you different design options with the dining room carpet , The designs are numerous: whether a kilim from IKEA, a designer oriental rug, a rug in black and white or colorful, round or rectangular. Here we go:

In practical terms, the carpet ensures warmth and coziness in the winter months in your dining room. Especially at the beginning of the day you should not have breakfast in a room with a smooth, bare floor and expect cold feet. And then at dinner you also want to relax and warm up. The carpets provide this warming function. You should also put on the dining area on a low-maintenance fabric, preferably flat-woven as the traditional kilim.

The aesthetics in the dining room is also very important to us. The carpet has always been considered a decorative element. When decorating this area, you could change the color of the rug to suit your style of living, or, on the contrary, create a contrasting color for a visual accent. In the photos you can see how this effect is achieved, e.g. through a chic carpet in black and white or in warm colors as opposed to the cool wall. The carpet can visually highlight the dining table and separate it from the rest of the apartment. Thus, the table becomes the center of the living room.

Ikea Modern rug-dining room rug dining room design

Ikea modern carpet for the dining room

Carpet dinning room kelim idea - carpet dinning room design

Colorful kilim in the dining room brings a rustic touch

The shape of the carpet may be similar to that of the table or not at all. The rule of thumb is that a round dining table fits best with an equally round rug. Let’s take a look outside the box? Another look is possible here: on chairs with rounded backrests, the square carpet could look great. With different styles, you could spice up your room again. Your friends will appreciate that.

Carpet dining room modern kilim Ikea carpet dining room design

Ikea furniture and Ikea carpet – a dining room decorated with style

Which carpet model suits your personal taste best? Would you design the carpet as an eye-catcher in the room?

White carpet luxury rug dinning room design

White luxury carpet

Carpet dining room black and white accent rug dining room design

Striped carpet serves as an accent in the dining room

Carpet dining room oriental rug idea carpet dinning room design

Orient carpet in the dining room brings an exotic flair

Carpet dinning room design Scandinavian style rug dining room design

Striped carpet in black and white in the Scandinavian dining room – pure simplicity!

Dining chair design and blue modern carpet dining room furniture

Dining chairs in a modern design look great on the blue carpet

Dining carpet blue carpet dining room design

Blue carpet for more coziness in the room

Designer rug living room carpet dining room design

Designer rug in the chic designed living area

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