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Firewood rack – practical and functional, aesthetic and trendy at the same time

Yes, the seasons change and that is noticeable in different aspects. Low temperatures outside, rain, fog and even snowstorms let us enjoy the warmth of our own four walls and stay home longer. In order to make yourself comfortable in your home, you must think in advance of everything you need for the winter. In the cold outside everyone wants to relax in front of the roaring fire and enjoy the cozy atmosphere. If you are lucky and have a fireplace in the interior, you are in the right place today. Because we want to dedicate this contribution to a particularly current topic for the colder months, namely the firewood rack! Of course, you do not always want to drag wood from outside into the living room and often ask yourself where you store it best, right? The interior designers have invented a perfect solution and now it should no longer be a problem to keep enough firewood within reach of the stove. A firewood shelf unites practicality, functionality and aesthetics in one and makes your everyday life easier. This fireplace accessory is available in numerous designs and sizes and made of different materials.

firewood firewood regal-regal

Enjoy endless hours with the warmth of your stove!

oven shelf-shelf firewood

Even small shelving units can store enough supplies for refilling.

Why do you need a firewood rack in the interior?

wood shelf-firewood shelf

Always keep dry firewood within reach of the stove

As we have already suggested, a firewood rack in the interior gives you many advantages. You can forget the constant logging from the outside to the inside. A firewood rack gives you the opportunity to store the firewood properly, so it stays dry and has good flammability. Also ensure good air circulation in the room, so that the stored wood always remains dry. Many house owners place their firewood shelves about 15 cm from the wall, so that the air can circulate. A lot of natural light during the day and some sun are also recommended. And another practical tip from us: Only store stacked wood in the interior, otherwise problems can arise!

firewood shelf-gros-metal

Functionality and aesthetics in one


A lot of natural light and a bit of sun a day are recommended

The selection of designs and different material versions of the firewood shelves is enormous

firewood shelf-wall

A firewood shelf built into the wall has decorative function and often serves as an eye-catcher in the room

firewood-regal-firewood stander

Use the available space properly

Before you select a suitable model firewood shelf for the home, you must still consider some important aspects. In the first place, the space available next to the fireplace is crucial to your choice. Then you must be clear, the firewood shelf should perfectly harmonize perfectly with the fireplace and correspond to the style in the room. Only then can you also consider your personal taste, style and preferences. There are many firewood shelves on the market, which vary greatly depending on their design and the materials used to make them. There are models of natural materials, e.g. Wood, then they go over steel and reach down to the glass. Very chic and trendy are the models built into the wall next to the fireplace, which are both practical and very aesthetic. They are real highlights in the room and deserve a lot of attention. Without a doubt, they combine functionality and beautiful look in a modern way. And one more thing you need to know before buying something or before designing the wall next to the stove. Apart from the different models of firewood shelves, there are still firewood baskets, wooden cradles and even designer pieces designed for a sublime interior.

firewood shelter-with-jerk wall

The firewood storage has to be completely adapted to your interior

What you choose exactly for your living space, we leave you! We just want to show you lots of offers, but you have to make the final decision yourself!

We wish you a lot of fun with your firewood rack and many cozy hours in front of the burning fire in the fireplace!

metal wall-firewood

A simple model can hang on the wall


Comfort near the fireplace

firewood-living room-living room wall

This firewood storage matches the minimalist style

firewood stander-metal

A firewood rack that fits perfectly with the rustic style


An everyday object with that special something


Firewood shelves as a practical fireplace accessories

firewood shelf-metal

If you like it rustic ……

wood shelf oven shelf-shelf firewood

Practicality and aesthetics have been masterfully arranged in this living room

fireplace-wall-wood shelf

Constant lumbering is perfect!


Store your firewood properly and practically!


The built-in firewood rack is a real highlight in the room


Plan enough space and space for the storage of firewood!

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