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Furniture for living room

It is clear to all of us that the modern living room is the heart of our home. It must be a cozy space, which combines modern and comfortable design in one. For anyone who is interested in design, it is clear that the interior of any room determines its character. Before you start with the redecoration or design of a living room, you must know the room dimensions well and consider the light-shadow play in the ambience as well. Both aspects are especially important to make you the most appropriate Furniture for living room and then place them correctly in the room.

To you at To facilitate this, we have compiled a collection of great, modern living room interiors that show an enormous variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, fitting into any living space. We also want to give you some practical tips for the living room design. All this will make your job a lot easier, so we hope!

  1. The seating group is the heart of the living room furniture

living room-furnitures-looking black

How do you place your seating group in the room and is it color-coordinated with the rest of the interior? You must first find the answers to the two questions.

Undoubtedly, the sofa set is particularly important for all furniture in the living room. It is the centerpiece there and sets the tone. Before you select your seat set, you must be clear about what you need exactly or in the living room. Should these be individual pieces of furniture that you combine yourself or should it be a whole set? What do you prefer – leather or fabric? Do you want to have a sofa bed, so that your visit can be there in urgent cases or is it not necessary? How do you find a corner sofa and fit such a piece of furniture in your living room? So many questions, but you have to find the answers yourself. Because every living room design bears the individual style of the homeowner and says a lot about their character and style. Ultimately, this is mainly about your own preferences and personal preferences!

Image 2: The placement of the seating furniture promotes communication

furnitures-living room-ideas-ledermobel

The placement of the seating furniture promotes communication

ideas-furs-living room-modern-moebel

50 Shades of Gray – Sophistication and elegance in the living room create furniture in shades of gray

The living room is usually the hub and center of every apartment, and that is where most communication takes place. So, place that Furniture for living room so that you feel really good while chatting there. Actually, not only you personally, but all sitter. Traditionally, you buy a couch, a sofa and two armchairs for your own living room and they form an excellent seating area. Arrange them in a rectangular shape and you will not regret this decision! If the sitters sit in conversations and can see each other directly, the communication is promoted. Yes, but such an arrangement of furniture must not be the absolute rule. There are many design options and you need to arrange your seating so that you feel comfortable and comfortable. Two sofas placed opposite is also a good option, right? Or place the chairs between the larger pieces of furniture? First, see which arrangement works best for you. And do not forget: You can change the furniture in the living room at any time and create a new arrangement!


Simple design in the living room – practical, super trendy furniture is in demand!

living room-design-ideas-wood-mirror-tv-stander-mobel

The TV wall does not necessarily have to be in the eye-catcher, but from the seating all must have a good view of the screen

Did we forget something? Yes, the TV wall! This is a must in any modern living room, but it must not be the absolute eye-catcher in the room. Not everyone likes to watch TV these days!

A fireplace could attract just as well all roommates, because he is the absolute synonym for warmth, comfort and … romance!

living room-ideas-elegant-furnitures-wanddeko

Around the fireplace you sit comfortably

  1. The whole decor and decoration color

That’s right and works in the very good! But try to avoid the monotony in the living room. That means you can treat yourself to great color accents and banish boredom from the ambience. Color contrasts are even desirable in the modern living room interior. The decoration must be simple so that the room does not seem crowded. Choose your favorite pieces – paintings, photos, vases, candlesticks or souvenirs and stage them tactfully. They will always attract your attention and those of your guests.

living room-ideas-oriented high-gloss gray-mobel

Your favorite photo must have a specific place on the wall in the living room

living room-design-as-mobel

Of course, you can stage a modern painting or another work of art

  1. The lighting in the living room is just as important as the furniture

Yes, that’s no fun, because the lighting in the modern design has creative functions. With the right amount of light you can put a piece of furniture in the foreground or leave it in the semi-darkness so that it does not stand out. First, make maximum use of the natural light and examine at what times certain zones are well lit. The light usually means warmth and happy mood, so use that when arranging your living room furniture. Then think about the right lighting in the evening. Be sure to consider some modern hanging lamps and an elegant floor lamp that will give your living room interior the finishing touch. Everything is up to you here!

extravagant design-Livingroom

Combine modern design with country house style? Yes, that works and the result is more than satisfactory!

living room-design-design-ideas-modern

The room lighting during the day and at night has creative functions

Get new ideas from our gallery and feel inspired to arrange the furniture in your own living room stylish and trendy!

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