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Gain space for relaxation in the small bedroom with the following ideas

Do you find the decor of your small bedroom too boring? This can be changed quickly without restricting the space. The following ideas show how this works.

White bedroom furniture on dark floor.

Use white everywhere and in different forms. In this color, the walls can be executed and it can be chosen as a shade for the quilts. But that works well if you have a dark floor in the room. To create contrasts and escape boredom.

The bright bedroom furniture contrasts with the dark beams and flooring in the same shade

A bedroom entirely in white can seem boring, so introduce interesting motifs

An only white or only dark color palette seems too boring or depressing – both are inappropriate in the bedroom.

Create storage space wherever you go

Look for storage solutions that exactly match your space and conditions. No matter how small or how irregular the available niches or areas are, you should use them as effectively as possible. Especially the original solutions for the storage space can also make your interior interesting and attractive.

Even in a small room you need to get enough storage space

Retro look

The retro-style interior works very well in small bedrooms. Stay on the safe side with vintage deco pillows and patterned curtains.

The retro style is in! Emphasize him with small vintage details in the bedroom furniture

Cool gray and white

Relax with cool colors? The gray and white combinations work the same way and they are very interesting. At the same time, the design is very sophisticated – the right strategy when furnishing small bedrooms.

White and gray are easy to combine and make the little bedroom wider and more inviting

Modern country style

The modern country style can also save you space and be particularly interesting. You could use this style only in the design of the central area. Choose more textiles and patterns in this style for the bed and the area around it.

Small bedroom in modern country style combines elegance and romance in one


The symmetry can work really well in a narrow space. Combine with a graduated color palette and a complementary mix of patterns.

Symmetry in the small bedroom

Emphasize the elegance

The few fine details can be effective if you emphasize them. This works e.g. by positioning you in a very prominent position. You can hang these over the central element of the room, the bed, or put them somewhere where they become the linchpin of the room.

Through small details you can emphasize the elegance in the small bedroom

Distract yourself from the small dimensions through patterns

Why do interesting patterns and colors work well in the small bedroom furniture? The reason is that they distract us from the narrow dimensions. Therefore, bring them in abundantly and to your taste in the small bedroom.

Beautiful colors and patterns distract you from the small dimensions

Effectively use the peculiarities of the interior design

Do you have a Bedroom in the attic ? Ah, wonderful! Because there are many architectural peculiarities that can be used to save space. For example, the sloping wall can contribute to a very natural emphasis on the area above the headboard. Shades that are typical of the attics, effectively serve as a storage area.

A small bedroom in the attic can be very practical and at the same time look romantic

Make the most of the daylight

Use the colors to make the most of the natural light. Subdued nuances are perfect in this regard. The effect is even stronger if they are inspired by nature. Peanuts and stone colors are totally in!

Use daylight as an additional design element in the small bedroom

Too much minimalism can be boring

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