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Good order in the nursery with practical ideas from Ikea

Once you enter the nursery, you will often find that the clutter is everywhere. And this is repeated every day. Instead of annoying your child and blaming him for the mess, consider whether you have configured the optimal setup. Sufficient storage space and practical furniture are the most important requirements for a well-ordered children’s room.

Nursery design idea storage space Ikea white furniture wooden shelves

The plastic boxes are a cheap solution for better order in the nursery

Today we present you some great ideas from Ikea, which can be ideally registered in any room. The Scandinavian style and the functional and simple design create a cozy atmosphere in the nursery and encourage your child to be more orderly. Ikea’s cabinet and shelving systems effectively solve the main problem of any nursery – insufficient storage space and impractical furniture.

Interior Design Nursery Furniture by Ikea wooden shelves softwood

Shelf system made of softwood for the nursery

Every kid has a lot of toys, books, paints, etc. Only 2-3 of them can sometimes be on the desk and automatically the whole room looks messy. Cabinet systems with drawers made of wood or plastic are easy to use by the child and arranging costs him not so much trouble. They are ideal for both small children’s rooms and more spacious ones. Configure the furniture according to the needs of your child. Lower chests of drawers and wall shelves allow safe accessibility for independent ordering. The children may feel independent and independent, and if you change the order in the nursery into an amusing game, you will have no problems of order. Keep important items, such as documents or medicines, on high-mounted shelves where your child could not reach them.

Wooden toys Ikea interior design wall decoration

Stylish wall decoration made of natural wood

Larger toys are ideal for storing in plastic boxes. The plastic boxes are available in different sizes and colors, so they can be easily adapted to any interior design. The plastic boxes are practical helpers in the nursery. Place these on the shelves, under the bed or in a wooden shelving system as pull-out box. And a tip from us – give the shelving system its own individuality when you paint the box bottoms or the vertical bars of the cabinet in the favorite colors of your child.

Cork bulletin board white office chair wall decor Interior design nursery

The simple pin board collects all the ideas and plans of your child

Of great importance in the nursery is the comfortable learning corner. However, this issue can not be exhausted with a large enough desk and an ergonomic chair. Be creative and create a great and trendy look in the nursery with practical wall shelves, light bodies, textiles and decorations.

Help your kids to keep a better order in the nursery and enjoy inspiring interior design ideas in our picture gallery.

green board wall yellow child chairs storage drawers children's room

Achieve an incredible order in the play area with plastic crates

practical nursery design in white by Ikea drawers desk

Clever room design in white for 2 children

white closet Ikea red chair storage space

A simply organized closet in the nursery

Toys practically keep drawers plastic nursery

The place for your child’s favorite toys is no longer on the ground

practical nursery colorful baskets desk for little kids Ikea

The first desk of your child should be very comfortable

Storage children's room wooden cabinet drawers made of plastic Ikea

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