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Great ideas for nature inspired living design or how to bring natural elements into the interior

Nature is the best artist! This is already an undisputed fact, especially for those who are interested in home design. Many interior designers and well-known designers often draw ideas directly from nature. The quest to bring nature into the home is affecting millions of homeowners worldwide, and not since yesterday. For centuries, people have been showing their love of nature by creating nature-inspired designs at home. They show us again and again how unique and beautiful nature is! Their charm lies in their simplicity and simplicity. In today’s article, we want to introduce you to great design ideas on how to invite nature directly into your interior. If you follow our tips, you will create a stress-free living environment where you feel free. Just a little example in advance: a green houseplant standing in your entrance hall can greet you warmly every time you step into your home. This brings great joy and creates a happy mood. So, take your time and read on! Hopefully you will motivate our picture examples to introduce more natural elements into your interior!

stone wall

Natural elements bring a natural flair to the ambience. In the picture you see a masterfully designed stone wall and a lot of wood around it.

  1. Using natural materials in the home design: wood is the classic!

One of the reasons why we like the natural elements all around us is our deep innate connection to the free, even wild nature. When designing their homes, most homeowners think of using genuine natural materials first, but wood is the most preferred.

kuchenmobel-from-natural wood

Kitchen furniture made of natural wood show fine craftsmanship, you have in this room excellent wood and tiles combined and created great eye-catching

For many homeowners, wood is the most popular s Natural material, it is often preferred over shiny marble or rough natural stone. The wood creates a comfortable living atmosphere, it brings a lot of warmth into the living design. There are many different kinds of wood in the specialized trade, so that you can select a suitable one depending on the field of application and purpose. The wood material may be rough or polished, dyed or natural on the ceiling, used as a wall covering or lying on the floor. It is durable and will delight you for years with its unique presence. Often one uses wood, e.g. Teak wood, also outdoors, on the terrace or around the pool. Of course, every type of wood used looks beautiful.


Lots of wood and green around the small pool


Wooden furniture in the bedroom, whose charm is complemented by matching textiles

Wooden furniture is the most popular choice worldwide because they are durable and beautiful. They can be made in rustic or country style, but just as well in classic or modern style in their best charm. Before you buy your wooden furniture, you have to think twice about whether or not it gives you an antique feel a little bit To bring nostalgia for bygone days into your interior or rather a modern one or classic Prefer look. For the wooden furniture can change the entire home design and create a different living style depending on their style.

garden shower

Wood is also used outdoors, e.g. When designing a garden shower, it finds great application

  1. Other natural materials for indoors and outdoors

Do you remember the first photo? There is a magnificent stone wall as a backdrop or as an eye-catcher, you can decide for yourself! So, apart from wood, you also use natural stone, bricks, tiles, tiles and marble at home! They all bring color and texture into the room. Outside the front door or in certain places in the garden one integrates more and more river stones in the design. They are always eyecatching and can be perfectly paired with green plants.


Natural stones in the outdoor area immediately attract the eye

But the best use find the natural materials certainly in the bathroom! Depending on your taste and personal preference, you can use marble, tiles or tiles in this room. Lots of glass also comes to make your sanctuary of peace and relaxation look even wider. The design options are really limitless! But in the end, only the good bathing experience counts!


Style and sublimity in the bathroom, from which offers an exotic panorama

wohnideen dream bath

A dream bath from which one can admire the exotic nature outside

  1. Nature inspired color design at home

In the wild, all sorts of shades and their shades occur. If you still can not decide which color scheme to choose for your home, just go for a walk in the park or hike through the forest for a few hours. After that you will surely come home with many new ideas!

Natural colors can be introduced into the interior in different ways. It depends mainly on the color scheme chosen and the mood you want to spread through colors in your home. Quite simply it is with the textiles , For example . to the beautiful bedding in the bedroom, you can choose matching curtains and a soft carpet, all in the color of harmony and form a whole.


In this bedroom you feel completely relaxed, because the mild color scheme ensures the highest serenity here. The green plants outside let you breathe even more freely!

Or if you want to create a discreet ambiance in the dining room, you should definitely opt for bright colors. So that it does not look quite monotonous, you can choose colorful decorative elements that round off the room look.


The bright color concept in this dining room is broken by blue decorative elements

Also very interesting are small decorative tricks, such as maritime elements in the interior. They usually stand out immediately, because they look unique. For many homeowners, the maritime decoration is a good reminder of a great summer holiday by the sea. They want to keep them awake for a very long time and integrate sea inspired details into the home design ,


Blue-brown simplicity with small maritime details


A fish suspended from the ceiling or elegantly attached to the wall is always a cool eye-catcher!

You can create a happy, informal mood at home with bright colors like sun yellow, orange and red. Do not forget that your design options have no limits! Combine these optimistic sounds with exotic decoration elements and you will have a perfect home where you can unfold your creativity too.


Bright colors, exotic decoration and a modern mural make up the interior here

Vases, sculptures and murals or the wall colors themselves help you to get the desired feeling of space.

  1. Green plants for inside and outside

As we write today about nature inspired home design, are quite intentionally to see green plants on all our photos. You have determined that beautiful noticed. The natural green in the interior provides freshness and charm. The plants clean the room air and give the ambience a natural look. These can be placed in all rooms, but you should choose a suitable location for your green roommates.

But the Green Paradise is outside, in the garden. The feeling of peace and freedom can be created by lush greenery around your outdoor seating area. Is not this the perfect relaxation zone for you, For Your family and friends?


The comfortable sitting area outside is separated from the lawn by natural stone fence and framed by green plants.


Sitting outside, in the midst of lush green plants, is pure summer enjoyment!

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