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Great restaurant in Australia that carries the spirit of Shanghai

If you want to get to know Melbourne, Australia and walk through one of the main streets of the city, you will surely notice a modern and elegant building. There is the great restaurant, which we want to tell you about today. It is not only a great opportunity to enjoy something tasty, but a cool place where you are, so to speak, in China, but somehow experience a more modern atmosphere.

David's restaurant in Melbourne Design Studio Hecker Guthrie-resized

David’s Restaurant is a cozy and pleasant place

When you enter the restaurant, you immediately feel the extraordinary radiance of this property. No elements in the interior will tell you that you are not in Shanghai. The Chinese cuisine, the spirit and the philosophy of the East reign in the room in a beautiful way.

Design ideas in Shanghai style modern restaurant in Australia-resized

Asian decorative elements can be ideally enroll in the modern look

The interior design project was developed by Australian design studio Hecker Guthrie. The task of the designers was not easy. They were designed to create an informal, contemporary ambience full of expressive Shanghai accents.

Charming seating with metal racks and rough-worked wood trim

The owner of the restaurant Joe David had the brilliant idea to spice up the traditional Chinese look. He did not want to have a standard composition of typical Chinese-style furniture in his restaurant. In this direction, designer and Joe David created together a new and revolutionary look of a modern restaurant that carries the cool spirit of Shanghai.

Counter in white wooden cabinets tabletop in white restaurant design-resized

The furniture in the restaurant carries a nostalgic flair of Shanghai

In this design innovative and creative thinking intertwine with the classical methods.

The white ambience with individual elements in wood shades looks very comfortable and relaxing

However, the designers created a great interior, reminiscent of the old Shanghai. And there was a modern touch breathed, without imposing. The concept looks honest, simple and comfortable. It’s just as comfortable there as it is at home. Subtle oriental accents were used in the interior in a modern way.

Vivid blue in the interior is typically Chinese and combines well with white and wood shades

Each element in the room has been carefully chosen down to the smallest detail. Diverse decors beautify the ambience and bring the charming spirit from the east – the sky blue tones and the white color, the simple furnishing in white, with a simple geometry, the light body, the dishes and the subtle elements in green.

Old brown bottles in different sizes as great decoration vases

This design by Studio Hecker Guthrie is characterized by refinement and modernization, with attention to detail and the traditional features of Chinese architecture.

The home-like atmosphere in the restaurant encourages entertaining hours with friends

The pleasant informal atmosphere in the restaurant “David” is a great example of modern design, where a relaxing flair was created using intricate objects and design decos. In every single detail reflects the concept of Asian architecture with a creative interpretation.

Great restaurant in Melboune interior design in white-resized

A modern Chinese restaurant in Melbourne, Australia with great Asian accents

This intriguing interior design shows a good and thorough work of the designers. The most important prerequisites for the great result are the clear concept and the innovative thinking of the team of Studio Hecker Guthrie. We wholeheartedly wish to visit this cozy restaurant in Melbourne to enjoy its delicious cuisine and imaginative design.

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