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Ideas for warm color design in the kitchen

Warm colors such as fiery red, juicy orange or sunny yellow bring an original, fun-loving atmosphere to your kitchen, create a feeling of well-being and relax. The colors can be combined to suit any interior style. The possibilities are undoubtedly numerous, almost endless. Even if you want to design the kitchen in only two or more warm colors, you will already have a really atmospheric kitchen equipment. You can balance the hot tones of the warm colors with light or other neutral shades, or even mix with refreshing blue or green to create a truly colorful color world. Here is a look at 5 stylish kitchen variations that look very charming.

modern dining room ideas solid wood

Modern dining area in a colorful play of colors of eggplant, sage and pink nuances

This is a good example of modern dining with many color shades and well-mixed color patterns. Vibrant hues such as this one of the eggplant can be presented here as a work of art of textiles. The pink image in the background supports the eggplant color of the color patterns on the sofa and the blue picture next to it ensures a pleasant cooling. The sage color of the grapes in the fruit bowl beautifully complements the color scheme of the eggplant. Such an intense play of shades can be used well above all in a spacious ambience, where at the same time the bright neutral colors of the furniture, walls or ceilings can balance the entire room look.

Kitchen cabinets in daffodil color - large kitchen

Kitchen cabinets in daffodil color – large kitchen

Easter bell and cherry tree

The red cherry wood furniture can be wonderfully placed next to the dusky color shades of the kitchen cabinets. The combination of colors is very successful here in this dining area, because the red undertones of the wood are brought to life very well on the soft pastel color of the kitchen cabinets. If the two basic shades of red and yellow were too glaring here, the entire room would seem rather restless.

Kitchen chairs in cocoa

Friendly kitchen ambience in cocoa and moss green

Cocoa and moss

Brown is very much appreciated among the neutral colors because of its optical warming effect. The color of the earth, the cocoa and the coffee gives a sense of security and stability and symbolizes wealth and fertility. In this kitchen, the brown walls provide a pleasant and cozy backdrop, which is offset by the white color of the small bench, the kitchen table and the kitchen accessories. On the neutral basic shades of white and brown can be beautifully set different color accents, such as the moss green of the table plant, which corresponds well with the green of the cushions and flower pictures, and just as well with the warm golden frame of the pictures.

Kitchen walls in burnt orange - navy blue plate wall decoration

Colorful kitchen furnishings in burnt orange, navy blue and white

Burnt orange and navy blue

Be bold and create color spaces that attract attention and are a pleasure for the senses. You can achieve this easily by mixing complementary colors. This creates a high-contrast design that attracts attention. In this kitchen, burnt orange and navy blue have been combined to create a warm atmosphere. The burnt orange and navy blue elegantly complement the white surfaces of the kitchen cabinets. This is a kitchen area that looks very stylish and inviting.

White kitchen tables - white kitchen cabinets

Noble kitchen equipment in reddish brown, white and mocha

Reddish brown, white and mocha

Although white is preferred as a classic color choice for many home furnishings, it can quickly lead to the rooms becoming too cold and sterile unless tempered with warm tones. The reddish-brown blanket and mocha-colored wood add warmth to this otherwise white kitchen. Mocha sets elegant color accents and makes the room look very classy. The pendant lights additionally heat the room with their gold.

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