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Innovations in barcode scanners

The barcode has only existed since the 80s and is an example of major renewal. Did you know that this is the basis for the development of many smart technologies?

The barcode scanner is similar to the modern devices: it improves the work of companies, authorities, service providers and thus also our quality of life. Nevertheless, it is taken for granted and we pay him no attention in everyday life.

It is worthwhile to learn more about barcode scanners for many reasons. You get detailed information about these types of products on websites like theracon-world.de ,

Read our introduction beforehand, which puts an emphasis on the possibilities for the use of barcode scanners in the private sector.

In the store or warehouse the barcode scanners are a must

Barcode scanners are suitable for private use

Of course, modern barcode scanners are mainly used in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtrade and services. These are data collection devices that make inventory easier in a store, warehouse, store or home.

Barcode scanners are especially useful in the home. This will allow you to capture your library, CDs or a collection and keep track of it despite its constant expansion.

What kind of barcode scanner would be right for you?

The barcode scanners have many differences and you need to be aware of them to find the most suitable one for you. They differ according to the type of operation, the dimensional potential and beyond the scanning technique. When buying, you should also consider the design and the interfaces.

Let’s take a closer look at all these aspects together!

The different types of code

Pay attention to the different types of code. The Europeans are usually slightly different from these other countries. This fact is very important for the operation of the barcode and the setting of the scanner. Both are done by scanning the appropriate code-type so that the device then easily serves the user.

Barcode scanners make your everyday work easier

Choose between 1D and 2D barcode scanners

The one- and two-dimensional bar codes have different uses in everyday life. Before you decide on one or the other option, you should find out which way is the most suitable for you. The one-dimensional variants are ideal for industrial and commercial goods. If you want to capture your library, for example, they would be perfect too. 1D barcode scanner is also used for most foods.

The 2D scanners are used on wider surfaces. Typical examples are the on line tickets, packs or smartphone apps.

Choose the right scanning technology!

The third important differentiator is the scanning technology. Here you should make a choice between imager, CCD and laser. However, if you need 2D barcodes, you will have to choose the first option: the CCD and laser technologies can achieve very high resolution. This will allow you to scan only one-dimensional barcodes.

Image, also called camera technology, is more expensive compared to the other two. Take them only if you are sure that you really need them.

The new technologies are all around us

Design and interfaces

The different barcode scanners have different designs and interfaces. The handheld scanners are the more mobile, wireless version and the desktop scanners work stationary. The second ones are mostly integrated in cash register systems. On the other hand, the flexible hand-held scanners are more suitable for inventory management and thus for the private sector.

Finally, think of the interfaces: you work more safely with a barcode scanner that has both Bluetooth and can connect via radio and via USB.

Conclusion: The barcode scanners are among the devices without which we can not imagine life. They are there – in the supermarket, in the library and everywhere, where you capture different goods and keep them in order.

Often we miss the benefits of such innovations in our home. We have all the collections, books, CDs and we do not want them to be stowed away or incomplete due to clutter, right?

We wish you a successful barcode scanner choice for your household or business!

Find out about the innovations in barcode scanners

Without technical innovations and necessary devices, the modern-thinking person could not imagine his life today

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