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Kitchen mirror with a difference

There are alternatives to the traditional tiled wall, which will take your kitchen design to a higher level

Modern living means well-being at home. Good design and modern aesthetics contribute to our feeling of comfort and comfort in every detail in our four walls. This trend has also prevailed in modern kitchens and is very noticeable right there.

High-quality induction kitchen appliances, great innovations and mobile information sources such as the iPad and iPhone are the best helpers in the kitchen these days. In this regard, one strives for a new design of the kitchen mirror. The traditional tile mirror is still in, but it will most likely be forgotten in a few years. Because now there are new, modern and eye-catching alternatives for the design of the kitchen mirror. It is not only a good protection against water splashes, grease and sauce residues. He is designed differently and turns into a great eye-catcher behind stove and sink.
In a series of articles we show you various design options of the kitchen back wall. We have already discussed kitchen mirrors with retro flair. Today it continues to new and modern designs, to alternatives of tiles. Of course, new materials come into question, which make the kitchen mirror look contemporary and even true to nature. Such are glass, acrylic, aluminum, stone, tile and tiles and even marble and wood. The laminates and high-pressure laminate (HPL), which mimic the originals and can also be found in various decors, are in high demand. The modern kitchen mirror can of course meet all the requirements in terms of design and functionality and be a highlight in the kitchen!


cake smooth wall-of-acrylic


cake mirror-in-navy

Pure sophistication with an acrylic glass kitchen mirror in navy blue

cake smooth wall-glass

Orange on the acrylic glass kitchen mirror warms the whole kitchen and stimulates the appetite


modern-cake mirror-of-glass

Modern glass kitchen mirrors in sky blue or turquoise are especially popular at the present time

tiles mirror-from-glass-modern-accents

cake smooth wall-of-glass

cake smooth wall-of-glass-modern-mirror tiles

fantastic-cake smooth wall-of-glass

modern-cake mirror-off stainless steel

Glitz and glamor are in every kitchen with a stainless steel kitchen mirror

stainless steel cake wall

stainless steel kitchen

stainless steel kitchen-island cake



Bricks or tiles are a perfect solution, bringing a rustic flair to the modern kitchen

cake wall-with-stone

Do you want to start cooking immediately in such a kitchen?

cake wall-in-stone optics

The natural appearance of the stone

cake smooth wall-natural-stone

A kitchen back wall can look so bright and charming!

stone-wall-cake-ideas accent

There are many stone imitations – here small tiles in chevron pattern


cake smooth wall-from-wood

The natural warmth of the wood is unmistakable


Bring nature into the kitchen!

cake smooth wall-wood

Even the wood imitations look perfect, right?


wood-kitchen-interior design-furniture design


modern-kitchen-wood-from-solid wood

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