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Libra 2017 annual horoscope and the influence of the Fire Rooster

At the beginning of 2017, the Libra-born will receive life with open arms. A great New Year party and more entertaining experiences await you until the end of January. They have a very good year behind them and can start the Chinese New Year the year of the fire cock look forward to even better and more eventful next 12 months. Your financial situation was not bad in 2016, but in the new year the money will not be an issue for you at all. They show a special interest in charity and will be very involved there in 2017. Their motto is: We have to help the people who are really in need! At the beginning of spring, the gifted scales will show their hitherto hidden artistic talents. In this zodiac you should look for new, well-known painters, writers, poets and actors. You will also earn a lot of extra money through your artistic skills.

The balances are well protected in their private lives by the fire cock, he takes care of the representatives of this star sign, so that they do not easily and quickly get off the track this year. A great old love is waiting for you, this must be rediscovered. And that will happen this summer! Just be prepared that it gets a bit turbulent in your love life. Your self-confidence grows and you receive every challenge proudly and dignified.

Annual Horoscope Libra professional discussions discussions very convincing

The Libra-born are very convincing in professional discussions.

In the job the scales will experience their depths and heights. They can succeed in areas where other zodiac signs fail in principle. You really appreciate the money, and in the New Year you will have additional income and can afford more and more things. Because the good finances give you a lot of freedom in all other areas. Only in November could it come to a noise with the boss, because he is definitely afraid that you aim for his job. Calm him best, because you can do much more! But honestly, the leadership position fits wonderfully with your nature! But do not forget, working with many people could cause you sleepless nights, headaches and nerves. But if you’re ready for it, then you can easily realize your plans and be the leader of a great team later this year. Rely on your employees, because they will never let you down!

Year Horoscope Libra in the job as a team, many people are working nerves sleepless nights

They work well in a team, but this has its price sleepless nights and a lot of nerves

Your love horoscope looks more than promising! 2017 is the year of love for you! As we have already mentioned, you will now discover the great love in your partner and you will experience together new passionate moments. The Libra shines in the next 12 months much irresistible charm and enjoys great popularity in their circle of friends. The Libra-born in solid hands are proud of their family and demonstrate that feeling everywhere. The singles under this zodiac expect many emotional dates. But be forewarned: do not get into a love affair with an already married partner, as this will only break your nerves. And that is of course not welcome! Look for the great love, a trusting, nice partner who brings you stars from the sky.

Love Horoscope 2017 nice charming promising

Your love life 2017 will be promising.

Health Horoscope Detox cure good figure

A detox cure 2017 is recommended for you.

your Health horoscope does not foresee any health problems in 2017. However, if you have certain symptoms, seek medical help immediately. He knows everything better than hundreds of friends on the net. In addition, any self-healing is prohibited! You also have to keep that in mind! If you jog in the morning, you will do a lot for your health and good figure. A healthy diet is also recommended. A detox with fresh fruit and vegetables, many freshly squeezed juices and herbal tea is good for you. Forget about the antidepressants and go outdoors more often, spend time in the midst of nature and you will soon feel their positive impact on your body and soul.

And we want to wish that to you! Look forward to a successful, loving and healthy new year 2017!

fresh fruit eat freshly squeezed juices detox good health

Fresh fruits and juices are good for your health and help with every cleansing treatment

Health Horoscope Libra - Complaints Doctor visit no self-healing

For certain complaints, seek your doctor immediately! No self-healing, please!

Health horoscope in the morning jog good for the health good for the figure!

Jogging in the morning! That’s exactly what you need! It’s good for your health, perfect for your figure!

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