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Living room furniture with exposed brick wall

If you leaf through design magazines, you will surely discover many great living room designs with exposed or decorative brick walls. There are several good reasons for this from a practical as well as an aesthetic point of view. If you have a brick wall anyway, you do not need to dress it up with something special. Uncovered, it provides gorgeous aesthetics and an upscale character. The natural colors of the bricks are also very appealing and give you plenty of freedom in choosing the rest of the interior.

The exposed brick wall can totally change the design in the living room

A living room in the loft can look so tempting

Creative solutions

The exposed brick wall fits in with living room furniture of various styles. You can easily achieve a Mediterranean look or a relaxed rural atmosphere. Brick walls are present in many Scandinavian-inspired living room designs.

They fit very well with the typical for this type of design shelf walls.

Finally, brick walls are perfect for open living plans. This allows you to secure a warm and elegant connection between the kitchen and the dining area. Alternatively, you could highlight one of the two areas.

Together, let’s illustrate these and other brick wall design ideas with some concrete examples.

Brick walls in premises with French windows

Homeowners usually opt for French windows when they have a great garden. Brick walls are perfect for such living rooms. This creates a great contrast between the nature and the reddish color of the bricks. On the other hand, the non-painted bricks also have brown nuances that would correspond to the garden. So, the boundaries between inside and outside will blur despite the invigorating contrasts. This creates a sense of harmony and balance. If you want to go one step further in this direction, then you can integrate into the interior sculptural pieces of furniture made of organic materials.

The brick wall fits perfectly into an open plan living space with large French windows

The brick wall can also, in the direct sense of the word, connect the interior and the exterior by being positioned partly in one and partly in the other.

Brick in different colors

There are bricks in different colors and the combinations of these can also make a great effect. In larger or multifunctional living room furniture this is again a great approach to zoning.

Brick wall as an accent in modern design.

This solution would be suitable if you combine the kitchen and dining area with each other. Important tip: For the lighter side, choose the darker tiles and vice versa. This also creates a balance between light and shadow in the room.

Brick for the accent wall in a modern apartment

In a very modern apartment, the brick wall could also make a welcome contrast in color. This solution is particularly popular in apartments in the attic. There we often have other exposed elements, such as Beams and low or sloping ceilings. Basically, therefore, one decides in attic apartments for bright color design. The brick wall and the other industrial elements give the room individuality and create a successful eclectic design. The modern interior design is animated by welcome rural or industrial touches.

Each brick wall can be creatively integrated into your room concept

Brick walls in different colors

In the beginning we emphasized that the goat wall can be a part of rooms of different styles. It only has to be adjusted in color. Brick walls can be painted light or dark and thus fit wonderfully to any modern room concept. Although the industrial or rustic aspect is still present in this case. However, he is quite discreet and inconspicuous and thus the more popular.

Because of these properties, painted bricks are popular in monochrome living room furnishings. They loosen up the ambience with their texture and design characteristics.

Some people leave the exposed brick wall in their natural look, others prefer to paint it in a specific color

Brick walls open many possibilities in the interior design. They are a choice through which you achieve design at the highest level with a relatively small investment. This is especially true in the cases where they make up a natural part of the wall construction. Decorative brick walls are more and more often a part of the living room furniture in modern city apartments.

The gray painted brick wall is the real eye-catcher in this interior

Design an exposed brick wall and a whole mirror wall and admire your masterpiece!

Small brick wall rounds off the gray interior here

The industrial style is very popular!

An exposed brick wall can easily be written into any room design.

Here we have many striking design elements – exposed brick wall, beams, wooden ceiling, arc lamp, wood storage and much more.

The black painted brick wall immediately steals the show!

So that the living room interior does not seem overloaded, here you have painted the brick wall in white

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