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Living trends 2017 – Coziness and modern comfort go hand in hand

We all want our home to look chic and elegant, with plenty of comfort and comfort. That’s why we constantly strive to make our own four walls as comfortable and trendy as possible. And what does “trendy” in house design mean? Of course, that which corresponds to the current furnishing tendencies and which we personally like a lot. To make a standard home a modern home, full of comfort and cosiness, you must try to set up your living space according to the latest house design and interior design guidelines. That would certainly be a tough challenge for those who are not well versed in this area. That’s why we want to help you a bit and get a brief overview of the latest housing trends in 2017.

bright-colored and-holztone-stay-up-in-trend

Bright colors and wood tones remain high in the trend

Cosiness will be a top priority in 2017


Gray is the new black and now confirms his good position

daily-the-gemutlichkeit-of-own-four-wande enjoy

Enjoy the coziness of your own home every day

modern apartment

Bright, comfortable and full of comfort – this is what the modern apartment should look like!

Undoubtedly, the eternal pursuit of coziness will further define our homely atmosphere. After a hard day’s work or after many hours on the PC, the modern person finally wants to enjoy the warmth and comfort at home. What else do you need besides a really relaxing atmosphere! In 2017, there will be a new trend in this regard, namely relaxation corners! Highly sought after are small or large relaxation zones, where each family member can retire and spend some time alone. This always helps, if you want to free yourself from everyday stress and to recharge your batteries for the next day. There will also be some changes in the design. For example, the Bauhaus style remains so popular, but now comes the trendy Maimistil into play, where everything looks a bit loose and very colorful. The industrial style will also stay very high in the course. 2017 gives you more freedom in your interior design, because imaginative combinations of different styles are now possible. This design method brings new freshness and versatility into the interior design. Great popularity continues to enjoy the Minimalism and the Scandinavian style , There is a pronounced trend for simplicity and simplicity in home design. Clean lines, straight shapes and neutral shades will continue to dominate.


Create a cozy atmosphere at home, where you like to stay

Multifunctionality and modernity in one


Multifunctional furniture is in and this trend remains

Multifunctional furniture in modern design, good house rules and modern technology will go hand in hand in the new year 2017. Modern people want to fully enjoy the latest achievements in design and engineering. The modular furniture has already proven to be very practical and gaining more and more popularity. Apart from the purely practical reason, one can list further arguments for such furniture. You want to design your own apartment as individual as possible and according to your own taste. This means that the complete home furnishings carry a strongly expressed personal touch. So furniture, which you can put together according to your mood in a certain form, 2017 are certainly desired. The old facility, which remains unchanged for years and the residents seem boring, is totally out! One would like to create a new device with a few simple steps. Therefore, in the new year modern sofas or couches with sleeping function or beds with hidden storage space, multifunctional kitchens and well-organized home offices will definitely continue to dominate the home design and determine the trends in furniture manufacturing. The modern technology, which greatly facilitates our everyday life, has its well deserved place in every modern home and the homeowners are even looking forward to news in this area. Thanks to modern home technology, you have more free time for hobbies, relaxation and entertainment.

new-furnitures-are-in-front ass

New furniture is on the rise

modern-equipped Cake

Modern equipped kitchens facilitate our everyday work there


Simple design meets multifunctionality


The home office must also be practical and multifunctional

Naturalness in all its aspects


Bring nature to your home!

Last but not least, we want to go into another aspect – the naturalness of interior design! This can be found in the smallest details. In 2017, people with a lot of care will grow beautiful houseplants at home, because they bring a lot of natural freshness into any environment. Floral patterns on wallpaper, throw blankets or decorative pillows fulfill the same tasks. Among the many shades of color, natural tones will once again be extremely topical, for example blue – from sky blue to indigo and petrol to navy blue, all shades of blue are in great demand in 2017. Blue even establishes itself as the color of the year! It can be very well combined with green or orange. It is important that the interior design definitely has a natural flair.

flowers Rays-natural-beauty-and-sophistication-from

Flowers radiate natural beauty and sophistication

room flowers-refresh-the-room air-and-are-also-the-new-year-one-has-in-every-interior

Indoor flowers refresh the indoor climate and are a must in any interior in the New Year

Natural materials are and will remain very popular in the new year. Brick walls and wood paneling are just two design elements of this trend. It will continue to use a lot of wood and leather in the interior design, metal, glass and marble are also announced. What would you prefer – a glass dining table or a marble coffee table? This question might leave you spoiled for choice, but that happens very often in life and more often in the home design. Therefore, you must absolutely determine your preferences and wishes and only then choose the most suitable, which corresponds to your taste and you like it best. And of course something with the Living trends 2017 completely consistent!
We wish you a good success in the furnishing and design of your trendy apartment in the new year!


A lot of wood and wooden colors make the ambience and emphasize its naturalness


Naturalness, freshness and coziness go hand in hand 2017

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