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Making a DIY string lamp for your garden

Exceptional lamp designs cost a lot of money. If you still want to get a very special luminaire, you can rely on your own project with available tools. We guide you through the making of a DIY rope lamp.


Rubber ball in any size

String or rope

Decoupage – liquid

Knife or scissors

duct tape



Round piece of cardboard

Household gloves

Make a filing table for the outdoor materials-DIY lamp yourself

Design a storage table for outdoor materials

It is best to work outdoors to avoid any soiling.

Place the materials on the work table: rope, rubber ball, liquid, gloves, marker, container and round piece of cardboard. Set the sphere on a tape for stability. Draw a circle around the hole of the rubber ball.

Dyeing the rope-it may come to pollution-DIY instructions string lamp

Dye the rope – it can come to soiling

It can get pretty messy, but you would have to dip the rope into the container with the decoupage liquid. With the help of a brush, you could distribute them. Now wrap the rope around the rubber ball crosswise. Leave about 10cm free around the drawn circle. You would have to be able to see the ball.

The dyed rope now needs a few days to dry.

The air from the rubber ball omit-rope lamp small

Omit the air from the rubber ball

When the rope is completely dry, vent the ball. Take it out of the free space.

The finished ball lights cable lights DIY

The finished ball lights

The rope ball thus have large openings that would later allow their positioning as floor lamps.

Cut out a small opening on the top - do it yourself

On the top cut out a small opening

Cut out a hole at the top of the sphere. As a result, the solar cells will be able to absorb enough sunlight during the day.

Spray with metallic effect use garden lamp

Use spray with metallic effect

Next you can spray the balls with metallic spray, which is specially designed for outdoor use.

Get tubes for the floor lamps-craft ideas

Get tubes for the floor lamps

Now you can sink any water pipe (2cm on average) with threaded nipple into the ground.

In the photo, the water pipes are mounted at different heights. The distance between them is about 10cm, so that the balls do not come too close to each other.

Muff for stability clip-garden design

Secure sleeve for more stability

Attach a sleeve to the top of the pipe. With this, the solar cells will be stably placed.

Solar cell install steel lamp garden

Install solar cell

The base of the solar cell should fit well here on the tube.

This is what the steel lamp with solar cell looks like-lamp solar cell

This is what the steel lamp looks like with a solar cell

You can now leave the garden lights like this. But we believe the rope ball will give your garden a better look.

On top of that is placed the DIY ball-rope garden lamp

On top of that, the DIY ball is placed

The spheres are now placed over the lighting fixtures. When turned on, the light shines through.

The opening allows charging the solar cell while sunlight DIY string lamp

The opening allows charging the solar cell in sunlight

The opening of the ball ensures the charging of the solar cell.

The pretty rope ball is a modern part of any garden design.

The beautiful end result with several string lamps DIY steel garden lamps

The beautiful end result with several string lamps

Without the rope lamps it is also lighting garden

Without the rope lamps it works too

Which variant do you like better – the solar lights or the DIY floor lamps?

The spheres can be arranged arbitrarily-garden ball light

Both can be creative, of course. A nice design, do not you think?

Try to follow this DIY guide and design your custom garden light!

The end result of this simple DIY guide fits perfectly with any garden landscape, as the string lamp has a timelessly classic shape.

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