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Minimalist or find the balance between equipment and openness

An absolute minimalism in interior design is difficult to achieve because one often develops a sentimental affection for art, gifted home accessories and furniture over time. This is completely normal. But at the same time admiring the clear structures of the minimalist facilities, you can make clear steps in this direction in your own home design. The casual version of minimalism is more comfortable.

Dining room minimalist design wood furniture

Traditional living style meets minimalism

Since most things in the living room and cellar compartment clog up inscrutable and tacitly, you renounce it in minimalism. What’s left are the everyday items you really need. How often do you sit down at the desk to work and get distracted by the postcards, photos, wall posters and little figures? An openness in interior design allows us to finally put the good intentions into action. This is one of the main ideas of minimalism as a lifestyle.

Solid wood table Eames chairs deco skull

The retro phone and the deco deer head bring the only, but expressive accents into the living room

The emphasis is on simply designed rooms, mostly white wall surfaces, cleared-out surfaces and loving attachment of high-quality, handmade art objects. The cozy facilities do not adhere 100% to the rules of minimalism and allow more freedom in the design.

Bathroom shower curtain graphically minimalist

The graphic shower curtain as a fancy detail in the otherwise traditional home design

For clarity, we show you great living examples. The minimalist features are present: simple wall design, natural materials, cleared-out surfaces and clear lines. The white color is omnipresent, you can even spot it on the natural bed linen. Most rooms lack textile coverings or they are extremely economical to use.
Which parts of this facility influence the cosiness and comfort in the ambience? In the first place, we could mention the vintage accessories like the retro phone and the nostalgia clock on the bedside table. Second, we see unusual items such as the peculiar shower curtain, statement furniture made of solid wood, unexpected colorful paint strokes and small, discrete character sketches.

Minimalism furnishings corner chair step stool

Modern, sustainable armchair as a statement Furniture in the bright bedroom

Vintage interior bedroom white balcony door design

The white color and minimalist design put the pretty balcony door design in the foreground

The overall impression convinces with natural materials and earth tones. The simple decor makes the displayed home accessories come to the fore. Such a minimalist room design even seems to have a positive effect on the state of mind, with a simple way of life.

Bedroom retro bedside table wood eclectic

Eclectic design: two splashes of color in the sober bedroom and unexpected feat of hanging from the ceiling

Bedroom wooden furniture sloping roof windows

Many decorative items beautify the room without overloading it

Dinette bar stool french design classic black

Combination of simple pieces of furniture in black and colorful wall art

Bedroom eclectic hemp rug earth tones

Natural, this bedroom in earth tones, equipped u.a. with hemp rug and cotton sheets

Single bed metal frame wood paneling traditional furnishings

The accent wall made of wood makes the furnishings look expressive

Bedroom minimalist accent wall character sketch

Symmetrically furnished bedroom

Dining table kitchen design simple vintage home accessories

Simple kitchen design with simple vintage home accessories

Solid wood long table pendant light

Pure minimalism: a long dining table made of solid wood, emphasized by a single pendant light

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