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Modern bedroom furniture popular in 2017

Stylish and functional bedroom is a must if we really want to relax after a busy day. We also want to show our individuality within this design. Since we believe sleep quality is strongly related to the ambience, we present some stylish design strategies for bedroom furniture. All of the bedroom designs presented here are in demand in 2017 and will continue to be popular for a long time.

This spectacular view will certainly distract you from depressing thoughts, right?

Fill the bedroom with shine

A spectacular view or wall design will distract you from everyday thoughts. Remember when you set up your bedroom. You can achieve this effect in very different ways. If you have a great view, then choose the clean and simple lines for the interior. If something in the interior has to steal the show, choose colors and shapes to accentuate the special and spectacular character of the interior.

Pair chocolate brown and white and achieve a WOW effect

Dark colors in the bedroom furniture

Another well-functioning strategy in the bedroom setup would be to use dark colors. They provide a truly relaxing and restrained mood. It also makes it much easier to achieve an upscale and elegant look. You will successfully emphasize this by integrating traditional elements into the room design. Furthermore, in such a context, the accent lights and metallic elements would be just right in place.

In 2017, you can count on geometric shapes and contrasts in the bedroom furniture

Simplicity of the lines and ample textiles

Pair simplicity and function in the bedroom furniture! This design method always works well, it can also be understood as a combination of very simple lines and ample textiles. Thus, even the monochrome interior appears extremely spectacular. You can afford a great variety of shapes within one bedroom. Set on contrasts if you want to stay in tune with the 2017 trends. In addition, the geometric shapes are particularly relevant.

Invite nature into the bedroom and enjoy the effect!

Bring nature inside

The transfer of the sense of nature inside is a big topic for many modern designers. This also plays a very important role in the bedroom furniture. Natural elements make them particularly comfortable and individual. One possibility would be to remove the boundary between inside and outside by integrating a window wall. This option is available if you have a beautiful view of the natural landscape. Otherwise, you can work with materials and colors that spread that flair in the interior.

The luxurious bedroom furniture guarantees you full relaxation and high sleeping comfort

Contemporary luxury

Why is luxury still important to people? It is probably because it gives us a feeling of relaxation and security. The completely luxurious decoration of the bedroom or the execution of individual elements in this room therefore makes perfect sense. Thus, you achieve a timeless appearance, can be happy about the achievements so far in life and so really enjoy life after work.

Gray continues to dominate the bedroom design

Mix white and neutral shades

Very light gray or other neutral nuances are a guarantee for a relaxing mood in the bedroom. Escape sterility by using patterns, different shapes and comfortable textiles. Put on beautiful textures, maybe on luxurious sheets.

Set up your very private room as comfortable and appealing as possible

Conclusion: Whether you have a small or large bedroom, you can create an interesting ambience there. That is the conclusion we can draw from the examples given. Whether you emphasize the spectacular view or create an unforgettable decoration – that’s up to you. Modern strategies are easy to implement, radiate simplicity and upscale character, are full of hidden contrasts and help you break with reality in the evening. Hopefully we could inspire you to your very own concept with these qualities through our examples.

For many people, the white color is the best for the bedroom furniture

Set accents that instantly catch the eye

Soft colors, for example white and gray, make the bedroom look tempting and comfortable

A bed headboard made of wood looks a bit rustic and brings a natural flair in the room

Put on the contrast between navy blue and white at your bedroom furniture

Treat yourself to the well-deserved comfort in the bedroom!

By contrasting white and black you achieve a special bedroom design that immediately captivates the eye

Natural elements make the bedroom more comfortable

The colorful murals with natural landscapes spice up the whole bedroom furniture

If the romance in the vintage style like … ..

A bedroom decorated in industrial style can also be cozy

Consider also the lighting in your bedroom, because this is an important part of the whole interior design

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