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Modern dining room

Hand on heart! Let’s be completely honest and say it clearly: the modern man needs a modern apartment. And where do we prefer to spend our time at home? Most people would respond – in the kitchen! Yes, not the living room, but a spacious dining room with kitchen are especially important for dynamic living. These spaces tend to be the heart of every modern home. Today we would like to deepen the topic a bit and look at the next lines, how exactly a contemporary dining room could look like. Stay tuned!

Today, we have many and varied furnishing options available. Modern you can call a design in minimalist style, but also one in a country style. In other words, the term “modern” must and must not be restricted, on the contrary, in the end, everything we like, modern, meets our expectations and preferences. A modern dining room is where we feel really comfortable, secure and comfortable. Therefore, I can not share the opinions of some experts who call the term “modern” cold, characterless and uninviting. With the help of great picture examples, I want to show you today what exactly the modern dining room looks like.


Modern dining room in white and with dark brown furniture as contrast


Dining room goes into the living room – elegant and modern way of living

The contemporary dining room is hospitable and visually appealing in the first place.
As already indicated, the dining room in the modern apartments is connected to the kitchen and together they create a space where to cook, chat and spend great time together. The modern housewife does not want to be constantly at the stove, she would like to actively participate in all conversations and entertainment situations with the family. So, the accent is more on interpersonal communication in the room, not so much on food preparation. And the design has to promote this communication. The modern dining room is usually furnished with simple furniture, where sharp edges are avoided. In this room design subtle colors and wood dominate. It may not look monotonous, so you spread here and there colorful eye-catching, splashes or striking accents to break the monochrome look.

accent wall

An accent wall of small, colorful tiles perfectly matches the colorful chairs around the dining table

modern-dining room

Stay up-to-date and live healthy – the motto these days

The furniture in the modern dining room
A modern dining room set is always smart designed. The furniture is dominated by clear lines and shapes. The dining table can be round or square and combined with eye-catching chairs. For example, the Z-shaped chairs introduce dynamic into the room and are a testament to the modern design. The most commonly used materials range from wood to glass to plastic. Now everything is allowed and possible, it just has to be aesthetically beautiful. The dining room furniture provides more excitement in the ambience and breaks through the very simple interior.

modern-dining room

Simple furniture design with clean lines and shapes – here the aesthetic perception is very important


Bright colors are preferred in the modern dining room, they are combined with wood

dining table-of-wood and elegant-chair-in-room-on-the-flat-with-stunning panoramic view-on-the-city

Elegant hanging lamps above the dining table provide a decent light for dinner

Modern design elements in the dining room
It is well known that modern man has almost unlimited possibilities to design the home according to their own tastes and personal preferences. We just want to emphasize two of them – the room lighting and the houseplants.

The right lighting fixtures in the modern dining room can make the room brighter and more inviting than it is. From a practical point of view, lighting is also very important. The cooking area must be well lit and you will use more and more direct light, which comes from built-in lights and fairy lights. The dining table is in the center anyway and it has to be highlighted visually. One or several classically designed hanging lamps cast enough light on them to create a cozy atmosphere with every meal.

modern-dining room-ideas

If you prefer a striking lighting

round-dining table-in-classic-living room

During the day, enough daylight comes into the dining room, in the evening it is illuminated by the chandelier above the dining table.

elegant dining room table-and-comfortable-chair-in-modern-home

Beautiful cut flowers decorate the dining table

There is always some greenery in the modern dining room. Exactly the house plants give the modern interior the finishing touch. Beautiful cut flowers in an elegant vase decorate the table or stand modestly on the sideboard. Evergreen houseplants are distributed in pretty pots throughout the room, bringing a sense of nature and freshness to the dining room. The house plants very often turn into great eye-catchers and attract all eyes. They complement the modern dining room in a subtle way.

dining table-in-modern-home-a-luxurious-dining area

Beautiful cut flowers (kallas in tender yellow) not only spice up the dining table, but also the whole room

dining area-in-a-modern-apartment

White Kallas are a perfect match for this modern dining room

dining table-in-modern-light-interior

Oranges on the dining table and green yucca in the corner in front of the French windows break through the white interior

trendy-designed-dining area and luxuriously-decorated-living-

Green accents and Z-shaped chairs provide momentum here

interior design-modern-apartment-living room

Where do we want to eat – inside or outside in the fresh air?

dining room-with-wise-dining table-and-Grosen-windows

living room-with-kitchen-and-dining room

modern-decorated-living-and-dining room

bright-dining room-with-colored-colored accents

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