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Modern kitchen ideas with warm wood elements

No room is as versatile as the cozy kitchen. It is indeed the center of every home. The kitchen design has evolved over the years: from strictly functional country kitchen to the open kitchen. Today, we entertain guests in the kitchen area, cook and eat together.

Modern kitchen ideas wood fronts marble worktop

The modern kitchen should not only be functionally furnished, but also a place to feel at home.

It achieves functionality and fulfillment of the personal idea of ​​a kitchen renovation. In addition to the main appliances such as refrigerator, sink and stove, some components are tailored to the specific needs of the homeowner.

Kitchen idea wood fronts white worktop cooking island

Before the kitchen renovation, think about what the modern kitchen with feel-good character means for you

The wood elements are real design classics. Just like decades ago, the natural material has been warm and comfortable to this day, whether used as flooring or fronts. The natural wood color combines well with other materials. We see beautiful examples of this today: there are many modern facilities with simple, timeless wooden elements.

Cooking island wood fronts traditional kitchen

When choosing the material, pay attention to resistance and hygienic requirements

Designer kitchen high gloss kitchen back wall

Find the balance between modern materials and detailed solutions

In this and the following article we answer basic questions about kitchen design. In the first part our attention is directed to modern kitchen designs with wooden elements. In the second part we present kitchens with dominating metal and plastic elements. Do we want to start right away?

Kitchen modern futuristic wall design

The modern kitchen should have energy-saving appliances, please note their ratings in the energy efficiency class

When it comes to kitchen ideas, you have to think carefully about some decisions. First and foremost, the kitchen design should be in line with the intended living space, and then the main kitchen furniture and appliances can be planned accordingly. In the second place one focuses on possible storage rooms or places. In the modern kitchen are a variety of kitchen utensils, so you need a practical, handy storage. Last but not least, the room should convince with its cozy atmosphere. In general, the end result revolves around the functional interior design with attractive design. Thus, the cooking and dining experience will be much more pleasant.

Contemporary kitchen area glass wall glass chairs wooden table

High-quality worktops, resistant to scratches and damage, are a good investment

What do you achieve when planning the dream kitchen?

In a redesign of the kitchen should be achieved with the help of modern means the desired. Even at the planning stage, the use of available space is optimized. At the same time, the focus is on functional design that meets the needs of the whole family. In the small kitchen area, the so-called galley kitchen would be a suitable variant. That because of a lack of space, the room height is planned and exploited in the living design. Many kitchen cabinets, wall cabinets, innovative storage containers and multifunctional accessories are used in this case. A large kitchen surface would gain functionality through an L or U shape. These designs allow enough space for wall cabinets as well as for a cooking island with bar counter.

Open kitchen wood elements Tile mirror white

When it comes to kitchen design, the individual touch plays an important role

It’s been playing in the last 70 years work triangle an important role in the kitchen layouts. The main elements are food preparation, storage and cleaning. These three points determine the triangle: the stove, the refrigerator and the sink. This simple planning project saves you time and effort. As a rule of thumb, the distance between these areas should not exceed 3 meters. The working triangle is a highly effective system that should definitely be included in the planning.

Read the continuation of the topic in our next article: Modern kitchen ideas with sophisticated metal and plastic elements!

Kitchen brick wall wood look white fronts

Include your personal taste in the kitchen design

Modern kitchen back wall optics wooden table Eames chairs

Shiny metal surfaces and natural wood colors

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